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  1. diabetes
  2. 8 types of shock
  3. incision
  4. diabetic complications
  5. absorption
  1. a through skin
  2. b respiration, neurogenic, cardiogenic, hemmoragic, anaphylactic, metabolic, psychogenic, septic
  3. c body doesnt properly convert sugar into energy
  4. d results from a sharp object
  5. e hypoglycemia-low blood sugar
    hyperglycemia- diabetic coma, too little insulin/too much sugar taken

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  1. infection acute
  2. instance in which an individual becomes suddenly ill requires immediate attention
  3. only involves top layer of skin
  4. bright red, spurts from wound, apply dressing
  5. choking/difficulty breathing, chest pain, bleeding, stroke, shock, poisoning, burns, wounds, sudden illness

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  1. venous bloodswallowing substance


  2. closed woundshematoma, contusions, bruise


  3. 2nd degree burncharred or brown, can be painless, look for shock and infection


  4. what is transmitted through blood and body fluidshep b, hep c, and HIV


  5. lacerationtear in body tissue, control bleeding, cleanse or soak, sutures if necessary, apply dressing