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  1. cardiogenic
  2. open wounds
  3. hemmoragic
  4. sprain
  5. seizures
  1. a bleeding
  2. b brain function disrupted, involuntary spasms, never restrain, NPO, protect head and airway, put pt on side, O2
  3. c injury to a joint
  4. d heart
  5. e abrasion, laceration, incision, avulsion, puncture wound

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  1. darker in color, needs to be controlled to prevent blood loss, apply dressing
  2. skin red and blistered, top layers affected, very painful
  3. overuse of a muscle or tendon
  4. designed to render immediate and temporary care to person injured until the arrival of health care professionals
  5. protects off duty health care professionals

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  1. treating poisonswallowing substance


  2. closed woundshematoma, contusions, bruise


  3. septicinfection acute


  4. syncopepierce and penetrate the skin


  5. fracturesbreak in bone, open or closed