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  1. syncope
  2. emergency situations
  3. DMII
  4. how do you respond to an emergency
  5. what is transmitted through blood and body fluids
  1. a fainting
  2. b assess emergency situation, act quickly, prioritize
  3. c non insulin dependent
  4. d hep b, hep c, and HIV
  5. e choking/difficulty breathing, chest pain, bleeding, stroke, shock, poisoning, burns, wounds, sudden illness

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  1. overuse of a muscle or tendon
  2. restless, irritable, weak, dizzy, rapid and shallow breathing, cool clammy pale skin, pulse is weak and rapid, low b/p, confusion
  3. hematoma, contusions, bruise
  4. breathing in
  5. infection acute

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  1. open woundsopen and closed


  2. anaphylacticallergic reaction


  3. lacerationsuperficial scraping


  4. Burnsinjury to a joint


  5. woundsopen and closed