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  1. seizures
  2. puncture
  3. airway supplies
  4. venous blood
  5. Burns
  1. a heat, chemical, electrical, or explosion
  2. b darker in color, needs to be controlled to prevent blood loss, apply dressing
  3. c brain function disrupted, involuntary spasms, never restrain, NPO, protect head and airway, put pt on side, O2
  4. d pierce and penetrate the skin
  5. e ambu bag, O2, O2 mask, bulb syringe for suction

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  1. assist provider
  2. heart
  3. fainting
  4. applied above the injury, allows small amount of blood to pass
  5. restless, irritable, weak, dizzy, rapid and shallow breathing, cool clammy pale skin, pulse is weak and rapid, low b/p, confusion

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  1. external bleedingbright red, spurts from wound, apply dressing


  2. 1st degree burnonly involves top layer of skin


  3. metabolicassist provider


  4. what is primary surveydesigned to render immediate and temporary care to person injured until the arrival of health care professionals


  5. what is looked for with an open wounds&s for infection, redness, swelling, warm to touch, pain, purulent drainage