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  1. what is transmitted through blood and body fluids
  2. assessing injury
  3. airway supplies
  4. open wounds
  5. Good samaritan law
  1. a abrasion, laceration, incision, avulsion, puncture wound
  2. b brusing/swelling, deformities, pain 0-10, ROM
  3. c hep b, hep c, and HIV
  4. d protects off duty health care professionals
  5. e ambu bag, O2, O2 mask, bulb syringe for suction

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  1. body doesnt properly convert sugar into energy
  2. assess emergency situation, act quickly, prioritize
  3. allergic reaction
  4. results from a sharp object
  5. localized swelling/redness, tenderness, treat with creams or benadryl

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  1. how do you treat a snake biteapply constriction band 4 inches above site


  2. psychogenicnerve


  3. injectiondrug use, bee stings


  4. s&s for shockrestless, irritable, weak, dizzy, rapid and shallow breathing, cool clammy pale skin, pulse is weak and rapid, low b/p, confusion


  5. poisoningingestion, inhalation, absorption, injection