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  1. how do you respond to an emergency
  2. strain
  3. avulsion
  4. absorption
  5. assessing injury
  1. a brusing/swelling, deformities, pain 0-10, ROM
  2. b skin is torn off, bleeding profuse, reposition flap, if body is torn away keep moist transport with pt.
  3. c assess emergency situation, act quickly, prioritize
  4. d through skin
  5. e overuse of a muscle or tendon

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  1. have pt. sit and tilt head foward and pinch nostrils for 10 min
  2. allergic reaction
  3. separation of bone from normal position
  4. pierce and penetrate the skin
  5. nerve

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  1. constriction bandsapplied above the injury, allows small amount of blood to pass


  2. heat illnessheat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke


  3. diabetesbreak in bone, open or closed


  4. fracturespierce and penetrate the skin


  5. cold illnesshematoma, contusions, bruise


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