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World History Ch. 5-6 Set 1 (midterm 2012)

Early Roman Republic - members of landholding upper class
Reason why conquered people remained loyal to Rome
Some were allowed to become citizens
In the Punic Wars, Rome gained control of lands around the Mediterranean Sea by defeating the
How did the senate change during the Roman empire as compared to the republic?
It held much less power than under the republic
What is the basic plot of the Aeneid?
A hero escapes from the city of Troy to found Rome
Roma architecture emphasized
What is true about Jesus of Nazareth?
His teachings were rooted in Jewish tradition
To join the early Christian community, a person had to
be baptized, or blessed with holy water
To try and restore order to the empire, Roman emperor Diocletian
divided the empire into two parts
Large numbers of Germanic peoples crossed into the lands of the Roman empire in the late 300s to escape
the Huns
During the early Roman republic, why was it important that Roman laws were written on 12 tablets and shown to public?
Plebeians could then appeal a judgement made by a patrician judge
The Ancient Romans developed their religious beliefs from
Greek religion
Characteristic of Roman society
the father had absolute power in the family
Carthaginian general who nearly defeated Romans in the Second Punic War
Why was Julius Caesar assassinated?
It was feared he would make himself king of Rome
Why did Augustus order a census?
to create records of all to be taxed
Roman philosophy that stressed importance of duty and acceptance of one's fate
Structures built by the Romans to transport water
A system of law developed under Roman republic that applied to citizens
civil law
Romans excused Jews from worshiping Roman gods
to avoid violating the Jewish belief in one god
Who made the greatest contribution toward setting Christianity on the road to becoming a major world religion?
Highest-ranking official in the early Christian Church was the
Important change made by Roman emperor Constantine
He granted religious toleration to Christians
Under pressure from attacks, the first land surrendered by the Roman empire was in
What contributed to the economic weakening of the late Roman empire?
heavy taxes helped push middle classes into poverty
Scholars believe the first people to arrive in the Americas came from
Siberia across a land bridge to Alaska