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Exam 20

How is research validated?

Further research to replicate findings

What are the heart, liver, and lungs?


What consists of elongated cells that can use ATP to generate force?

Muscle tissue

Which system includes sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and breasts?


What is the fleshy part in the middle of the muscle?


*Which is the "rest and digest" nervous system?*


What are irregular small bony plates found at the end of long bones and in the center of other bones?


Which system includes glands such as the hypothalamus, hypophysis, thyroid, and thymus?


*What is the universal recipient blood type?*

AB positive

What type of immunity is genetically determined?


Which system controls sex hormones and includes the female mammary glands?


*What is the range of the length of the phase of healing in which the bleeding stops and inflammation occurs?*

2-3 days to 2-3 weeks

Which region of the trunk has twelve vertebrae?


*Which means the ends are bent inward, or bent toward the midline:><, knock-kneed?*

Valgus deformity

Where is the humerus relative to the radius?


Which region of the trunk has five vertebrae?


What is the belly referred to in the Shiatsu method?


*Which dermatone is located by the toes, the most inferior?*


Which of these muscles inserts on the clavicle?


Shin splints are pain in what bone?


*Where is the medial epicondyle of the humerus?*

Directly medial from olecranon process

What progresses down the spine?

Lamina groove

*Where are the jugular notch, sternal angle, and xiphoid process?*

T2, T4 and T10 of vertebral column

What is the functional class of the joints where the bones of skull meet?


*Which is an action of infraspinatus?*

Adduct the shoulder

*Which muscle inserts on the head of the fibula?*

Biceps femoris

Which muscle pronates and supinates?


Which muscle decreases the space of the thoracic cavity?

Internal intercostals

*What is an eccentric contraction of the biceps femoris?*

Sit ups
Deep knee bends

*Which proprioceptors send impulses to the central nervous system that lead to muscle relaxation?*

Golgi tendon organs

*What are small movements essential for proper joint function?*

Joint play

Which is a hinge joint?


What is pain from an amputated limb?

Phantom pain

What is a physical injury or wound caused by external force or violence?


What is the relative constant state maintained by the physiology of the body?


Which is generally indicated for massage?

Joint stiffness

*What refers to the tendency for oscillating bodies to move in a synchronized, harmonic manner?*


What is a progressive inflammatory condition that may affect any part of the GI tract?

Crohn's disease

What are the implications for massage for a client taking anticoagulants?

Avoid massage methods that can lead to bruising, including compression

*What are the implications for massage for a client taking anti-inflammatory medications?*

Avoid techniques that could cause inflammation
Feedback mechanisms are not accurate
The massage could reduce muscle spasms

What natural supplement is used for coughs?


*What is mainly caused by a Vitamin D deficiency?*


What are symptoms of a disease?

The described problems of a disease

What are internal perceptions or external stimuli that demand a change in the body?


*What is the second stage of the general adaptation syndrome?*

Resistance reactions

*What is medial epicondylitits?*

Golfer's or pitcher's elbow

Which nerve is associated with both supinator and the latural head of the triceps?


*Where is the inguinal triangle endangerment site?*

Sartorius, adductor longus, inguinal ligament

*What is a reflexive effect of massage?*

Pain reduction

*What is an effect of massage on the skin?*

Reduces superficial keloid formation

*Which condition can benefit from massage?*

Skin conditions such as mild dryness
Stress and anxiety
Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

*Which is increased as one of the effects of massage?*

Number of red and white blood cells

*What are body polishes, cold mittens, dry brush massages, ice massages, salt glows, and shampoos examples of?*


For which condition could cold be applied?


Which is best for moving from one stroke to another?


*Which stroke would be best for bronchitis?*


What is not a physical effect of massage?

Reduced stress

What is a psychological effect of massage?

Reduces stress

What is a stimulating massage technique?

Strong percussion for a short period

What massage movement brings about a dilation and flushing of the massaged area?

Deep stroking

Which is a petrissage movement?


Which is a trembling or shaking movement?


*Which stroke is appropriate for tendonitis?*

Deep-transverse friction

Which lifts muscles off bone?


Which stroke is best for insomnia?


Which is a contraindication for pregnancy massage?


What is a benefit of massage for the critically ill?

Improve mobility
Control pain
Allow for a more positive attitude

When should heat therapy be avoided?

Acute stage of injury

What is not an effect of R.I.C.E.S. treatment?


If a client has kyphotic-lordotic posture, what is the most appropriate treatment?

Lengthen adductor longus and oblique capitis superior

*If a client has a tendency towards kyphosis and a depressed chest, what is the most appropriate treatment?*

Lengthen anterior internal and external obliques

*What is done if a client has the knee in a flexed position with medical rotation of the leg on the thigh?*

Lengthen popliteus

What would trigger points along the lateral neck flexors, horizontal arm abductors, internal arm, rotators contribute to?

Brachial plexus impingement

What would be a good position for performing on-site corporate massage?


What is the use of touch to examine?


Where on the SOAP chart is verbal information that clients share documented?


*Which are relatively slow to respond?*

Postural muscles

What could cause a hot area?

Muscle spasm

Which muscles are elongated and weak with kyphotic-lordotic posture?

External obliques

*As feet are influenced by shoes with heels, what tends to increase with heel height?*

Tendency toward parallel position from out-toeing

Which are long and weak with the left hip adducted and medially rotated, right hip abducted and feet pronated?

Left peroneus longus and brevis and right tibialis posterior

What is the assessment when the shoulders are depressed and the scapulae abducted?

Weak upper trapezius

Where is the gravity line in the side view of standing posture?

Coronal plane

*How does a therapist test arm adductors?*

Client holds position against therapist's lateral pressure on arms

What is the next step of the client consultation after performing a preliminary assessment?

Formulate treatment plan

Where on the SOAP chart would the therapist's suggestions for stretches be documented?


What would not require treatment for whiplash?


*What is golfer's elbow?*

Medial epicondylitis

*Which is a treatment for bursitis?*

Cold in the acute stage
Deep moist heat in the chronic stage
Joint play for hypomobile joints

*What involves a thickening of the IT band?*

Iliotibial band contracture

In polarity therapy, what does the right side represent?

Positive expanding energy

What was developed by Boris Chaitow and Stanley Leif to relieve tender muscle tissue and compressed nerves that refer pain?

Neuromuscular therapy

What would an aromatherapy bath or massage oil of chamomile, jasmine, geranium, and rose be used for?


*Which massage system uses many of the Swedish movements?*


What is associated with neuromuscular therapy?

Ischemic compression
Skin rolling

Which is an energy technique?

Therapeutic touch

*What would exist when a therapist sold products to a client?*

Dual role

What is appropriate touch?

Terapeutic touch

Which section of a standards of practice would contain guidance on personal limitations and relationships?

Roles and boundaries

What is a consideration regarding touch when giving chair massages at an international airport for foreign tourists?

Cultural influences

What is an example of a violation of a code of ethics?

Working on a mirror without parental knowledge

What is not a violation of a code of ethics?

Scope of practice

What is out of the therapeutic relationship?

Personal needs

*How are boundaries created, managed, and changed?*

Power differences, dual relationships, self-disclosure
Time, location, language
Clothing, space, touch, money

Who can provide consent to working on a minor?


Practicing from home without the required permits is what type of unethical behavior?

Violation of law

What is appropriate for a therapist to do when seeing a client in a restaurant?

Do not bring up anything about the massage

What is the therapist doing when observing tight muscles?


*What is a condition that prompts dual relationships?*


What is done by associates rather than governments?


What is unethical?

Discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation

A recently licensed therapist working under the supervision of an experienced professional involves what type of issue?

Power differential

*What is a guideline for the massage table?*

72 to 76 inches long

*What uses phenols, bleach, or alcohol?*


What is a safety practice regarding housekeeping and sanitation?

Store clean linens in a closed cabinet
Store soiled linens in a closed container
Maintain handwashing facilities with germicidal soap

What is a first aid safety practice?

Keep a first aid kit on the premises
Learn first aid and CPR
Keep emergency information in plain view

What reduces strain on the practitioner's neck?

Keep the head up and the shoulders down and relaxed

Which horse stance is best for which stroke?


What ensures that the client stays warm and feels safe and comfortable?


What is the recommended number of servings per day of the milk, yogurt, and cheese group?

2 to 3 servings

Who prepares W-2 forms?


How are donated services used?


What is the initial cost of beginning a business?

Start up costs

Which protects against malpractice?

Professional liability insurance

What should be most important for therapeutic massage and bodywork professionals?


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