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Developmental Psychology

the study of how people change physically, mentally, and socially throughout their lifespan

Lifespan Development

is also known as developmental psychology


is the segment on the chromosone that contains the genetic instruction


underlying genetic make-up


traits that are expressed


is the gene for eye color


the belief that each sperm cell contained a tiny individual who would grow when deposited in a woman's womb


fertilization; when a sperm unites with an egg to form a single cell


is the first stage of conception


is inner layer of skin


is the outer layer of skin


forms into muscle

Name the 3 Periods of Prenatal Development

Zygote, Embryo, Fetus

What is another name for the Zygote period?


What is another name for the Embryo period?



the zygote settles into the lining of the uterus where it remains during pregnancy.

Amniotic Sac

waterfilled sac around the embryo and provides a cushion


helps the embryo obtain nutrients, oxygen, and water

Umbilical Cord

connects to the fetus to the placenta


any agent that causes a birth defect.

Name some types of Teratogens

exposure to radiation, environmental chemicals, maternal inefectious diseases,drugs(street&prescriptions), caffiene, smoking, alcohol (FAS)

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