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hide-and-seek - JUEGO

A children's game in which one player lets the other players hide and then tries to find them.

endurance - RESISTENCIA

The ability to continue doing something physically difficult or continue dealing with an unpleasant situation for a long time.


A large building where large machines or vehicles are kept.

veranda - TERRAZA

A covered area along the outside of a house, often enclosed wall. Porch.


To move very quickly.

peep - ESPIAR

To look at something quickly and secretly, usually from a place where you think you cannot be seen.


Someone who is dejected has lost all their hope or enthusiasm, especially because they have failed at something.

looting - POSESIONES

Goods or possessions taken from a place that an enemy has gained control of in a war.


To laugh quietly, especially in a private or secret way.

whack - GOLPEAR

To hit someone or something with a lot of force.

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