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charactaristic matter allows to change to something new

chemical property

evaperation in swamp cooler

phys change

chemical change

panting a house

shape of an apple

physical property

log burns in a fire

new substance forms

two or more substances combine so each substance can by seperated by physcial means


two or more elements combine to form a


cleaning tarnished silver

chemical change

energy levels of an atom occupied by...


neutral partivles formed when atoms share electrons..


group number for elements with stable electrons


represents a molecule


chemical bond occurs when atoms share electrons


needed electrons to be stable


orange juice .. fresh oranges

physical change

plant makes food

chemical change

wind and water erosion

physical change

wall blue

physical property

ability to be crushed

chemical property

burning paper

chemical change

boiling water

physical change

bursting electrons, crumpling paper

physical change

magnesium bromide


dot diagrams represent the ...

outer electrons

clacuim has

2 dots in the diagram

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