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  1. What 2 factors are needed to determine the extent of a market area?
  2. Define "World City" and give 3 examples.
  3. What is a "Market Area of a Service"?
  4. Name 4 services typically found in "clustered Rural Settlements"
  5. Why do countries build "Skyscrapers"
  1. a The demand for space in the central city
  2. b Wrold citites are most closely integrated into the global economic system because they are the center of the flow of information and capitol
    -London -New York -Tokoyo
  3. c The area surronding a service from which customers are attracted
  4. d Its range and its threshold
  5. e -religious structures -schools -shops -homes

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  1. The best location is the one that minimizes the distance to the service for the largest number of people
  2. The second level of cities, contains the head quarters of many large corporations, well-developed banking facilities, and concentrations of other business services
  3. -Land costs are lower
    -More service providers
    -Most customers are there
  4. Retailer and other services provides make use of market-area studies to determine if locating in the market would be profitable and where the best location would be
  5. In whihc the country's nth-largest settlement is 1/2 the population of the largest settlement. Serveral MDCs in Europe

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  1. Name 2 ways CBDs are different in EuropeLess dominated by commercial considerations
    making new buildings are difficult


  2. What is the purpose of "Consumer Services"?The purpose is to provide services to indivisual consumers who desire them and can afford to pay them


  3. Name 4 cities in ther "third tier"-Houston -Miami -San Franciso -Tornoto


  4. Name 3 types of services one might find in the CBD of a city or settlement-Shops with....high threshold, long range, that serve people who work in the center


  5. What are "Dependent Center"?They provide goods for sale to consumers