american history chapter 23

scientific management
theory promoted by fredrick w taylor held that every kind of work could be broken into a series of smaller tasks and that rates of production could be set for each component task
auto touring
craze that encouraged americans to take long sight seeing trips in their automobile
henery ford
lowered the cost of their cars by implementing scientific management practices
model t
low cost automoblit developed by henery ford in 1908
assembly line
production system created by henery ford to make goods faster my moving parts on a converyer belt past workers
alfred s sloan
head of general motors
installment plan
a way of purchasing good in which th consumer pays for goods in small increments overtime
planned obsolenscence
practice of manufacturing products that are designed to go out of style
volstead act
1919 federal law that inforced the 18th amendment that prohibited the manufactur sale and transportation of alcohol
al capone
ruled chicagos underworld with his small army of mobsters to gain control over all liquar sales in chicago
eliot ness
special agent hired by the federal prohibition bureau to stem bootlegging, corruption aand ciolence
nickname given to a group of detectives led by eliot ness who tardeted gangsters during prohibition
the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages
twenty first amendment
repealed the 18th amendment because it turned milllions of americans who wernt normally lawbreakers into law breakers
young women who challenged social traditions with their dress and traditions (shorter skirts and transparent hose)
cecil b demille
unique movie director of the 1920s
babe ruth
famous baseball player of the 1920s
jim thorpe
won both the pentathlon and the decathlon, major league baseball and professional football player
charles lindeberg
biggest celebrtiy of 1920s flew nonstop form new york to paris
amelia earnhart
first woman to fly across atlantic ocean
aimee semple mcpherson
popular revivalist
protestan religious movement taht teaches that traditional christian doctrine should be accepted with out question and that the bible is literally true
clarence darrow
famou criminal lawyer who defended john scopes against william jennings bryan on the outlawing of the teaching of darwins theory of evolution
scopes trial
trial of john scopes a highschool teacher who was prosecuted for teaching evolution
alfred steiglitz
luis armstrong
jazz musician in new orleans
edward hopper
painter "early sunday morning'
bix biederbecke
white musician who wove jazz rythems into music
langston hughes
african american poet
rose mcClendon
african american actress "deep river" pulitzer prize "in abrihams bosom'
paul robeson
successful actor in eugen oniells drama "emperor jones"
sinclair lewis
"babbit" middle age realator and city booser who is disatisfied with his middle class life
frank lloyd wright
prairie style
f scott fitzgerald
lost generation writer "this side of paradise" "the great gatsby"
james weldon johnson
active harlem renaissance supporter and thought that literature and art could eliminate racial prejudice
george gershwin
rhapsody in blue premiered in 1924 translated jazz into symphonic form
bessie smith
blues music singer "down hearted blues" 500000 copies
diego rivera
mural painter and part of the los tres grandes
duke ellington
famous jazz musician
earnest hemingway
"a farwell to arms" lost generation writer