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  1. Some Eukaryotes are:
  2. Eukaryotes Reproduce:
  3. Fungi:
  4. Prokaryotic Lack:
  1. a microorganisms
  2. b single or multicellular eukaryotes
  3. c 1) true nucleus
    2) nuclear envelope
    3) membrane enclosed oganelles
    Simplest of Cells
  4. d mainly through mitotic divsion-
    mitosis- cell & DNA seperate equally forming 2 identicle cells

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  1. science of organizing, classifing & naming organisms
  2. have atypical structure & function
  3. small, infectious protein molecule
    1) resistant to most procedures that modify
    nucleic acid
  4. binomial name describing genus & species
    Ex. Cryptococcus / neoformans
    genus / speices
  5. primitive unicellular eukaryotic microbes
    a) algae
    b) protoza

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  1. Host:organism that provides nourishment to parasite


  2. Gram Stain:colored dyes chemically attach to cellular structures


  3. Mycoplasma:gram-negative (red), pathogenic, intracellular paristic bacteria


  4. Bacteria:prokaryotic, unicellular microbes of Kingdom Monera
    1) can be free-living or parastic
    2) multiple by binary fission
    3) have large range of biochemical properties


  5. Eubacteria:have typical procaryotic structure