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substances are either elements or mixtures

false - compounds

the color of a substance is a physical property


smoke is a compound

false colloid

distillation is a way to separate a mixture using the physical property of boiling point


the law of conservation of mass states that the mass of all substances before a physical change equals the mass of all the substances after the change

false - chemical

colloids are mixtures


the freezing of water is a chemical change

false - physical

homogeneous mixtures include colloids, solutions and suspensions

false, only solutions

when lightning converts oxygen gas, O2, into ozone, O3, it s a physical change

false chemical

a fruit salad is a homogeneous mixture

false, heterogeneous

flammability is a physical property

false, chemical

when a firecracker explodes, mass is lost

F conserved

if a mixture scatters light and does not settle upon standing, it is a suspension

F colloid

a suspension is a homogeneous mixture

false heterogeneous

the breaking of a glass windwo is a physical change


using oxyten to separate molten copper sulfide into copper and sulfur dioxide is a phusical change

false - chemical

three examples of physical change are

boiling of water, bursting of a balloon, and crumpling a piece of paper

the shape of an appi is a

physical property

fog is an example of a colloid


when a log burns in a fire

new substances are formed

what is another name for a homogeneous mixture


when two or more substances are combined so each substance can be separated by physical means, the result is

a mixture

collloid, compound, suspension, solution is NOT a mixture


the scattering of light by colloids is called

the tyndall effect

permanentppress fabric, glue, vinegar, gelatin is NOT a homogeneous mixture

permanent press fabric

you are given a flask that contains 250 ml of a clear brown liquid. you shine a light through the liquid, and no light beam is visible. in the following list of items, record a y if that item could be a valid definition for the liquid. record a N if that item could not be a valid definition

a substance
b colloid
c solution of a solid in a liquid
d suspension
solution of a liquid in a liquid

a yes
b no
c yes
d no
e yes



has mass, takes up space


two or more elements combined


all atoms the same


composition definite


matter is classified as _____________and mixtures


a colloid is a __________mixture


river deltas, which form as silt and mud settle, are evidence that river water is a


a particle scatters light if it is larger than the ________of light


when acid rain falls on limestone, ________weathering occurs


the resistance of diamond (a form of carbon) to corrosion is a ___________property


when sugar and salt are mixed together, the properties of the final substances are ___________those of the beginning substances

the same as

the law that states mass is neither gained nor lost in a chemical change is

the law of conservation of mass

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