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Common Themes, Acting and Costuming, Structures and Technical Requirements


Recognition, Knowledge


Reversal, in Oedipus-he had it all, but lost it all


To miss the mark, to have human frailties


Home and family--females


State and politics--males


Strong, wonderful, terrible

Origins of the World Obscene

Obscene-out of the scenery. Greeks thought violence was obscene, shouldn't be shown on stage

Fear of Strong Women/Strong Female Characters

Men were fearful of women knowing they controlled pregnancy

Sophistry and Rhetoric

Persuasive speech

Acting theory and body humours

Theory that our body has 4 body fluids in us and is fueled by emotion

Men only

Acting only done by men and young boys

Role of the Chorus

Interprets/helps audience interpret a scene

Addition of the Second and Third Actor

Second added by Aeschylus, third added by Sophocles

Reputation of the Actor

Great reputation, honored and very important members of society

Hypokrites - "To play a part"

Greek word for actor


allowed people to play multiple roles, enabled to portray emotions and amplify voice

Four Body Humours

black bile, yellow bile, red blood and flem


Enabled/allowed things to seem larger than life


Backdrop that has doors in it


Area in front of skene where the principals


Dancing place, circular area where chorus performed


Crane that is used to swing actors across stage, from gk word mechanism

Deus ex Machina

God from the machine, invented theory


Rolling platform

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