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Treaty of Tordesillas
The 1494 treaty in which spain and portugal agreed to divide the lands of the western hemisphere between them and moved the line of demarcation further west
An economic system in which nations increase their wealth and power by obtaining gold and silver and by establishing a favorable balance of trade.
A spaniard who traveled to the Americas as an explorer and conqueror in the 16th century
Hernando Cortes
Spanish conquistador, explored Americas claimed for spain
Aztec emperor, greeted cortes
Francisco Pizarro
Conquistador conquered incas
Henry Hudson
English explorer, set sail and hoped to find a route to China ; under Dutch flag
John Cabot
Italian explorer, one of the first explorers to chart a northern route across the Atlantic in search of Asia
Giovanni da Verrazano
Italian; under French flag, set out to seek northwest passage
Jacques cartier
French explorer traveled up to St. Lawrence river.
Spanish Armada
A fleet of ships sent in 1588 by Phillip II, the Spanish king to invade England and restore Roman Catholicism
Samuel de Champlain
Frenchman, explored St. Lawrence river founded a fur trading post at Quebec
New France
A fur trading post established in 1608 that became the first permanent French settlement in North America
A grant of Native American labor
A large farm that raises cash crops
The practice of holding a person in bondage for labor
African diaspora
The forced removal of Africans from their homelands to serve as a slave labor in the Americas
Middle passage
The middle leg of the triangular trade route, the voyage from Africa to the Americas that brought captured Africans into slavery
The belief that some are inferior because of their race
Columbian exchange
The transfer of plants, animals and diseases between the western and the eastern hemispheres
Why did Europeans explore different territories ?
They wanted to spread Christianity beyond Europe , expand empires, and become rich
Why did Spain succeed conquering so much of the Americas?
Spain succeeded because of the line of demarcation and there powerful military and excellent explorers
What was significant about the Magellan expedition?
First to sail around the world
What was similar about the conquest of Mexico and Peru ?
Both were conquered by the Spanish empire
What were the English , Dutch, and French searching for in early voyages of exploration?
They were searching for the northwest passage.
How did the English defeat the Spanish Armada?
They darted among the Spanish warships , firing deadly rounds of their deadly cannons.
Where did the French and Dutch set up their first american colonies ?
They set them up in New York the first being fort orange and the second new Amsterdam
Why do you think England founded colonies later than Spain did?
I think they founded colonies later then Spain because Spain had a bigger empire and sent explorers earlier then England did.
What were the four levels of the Spanish colonial society ?
Viceroy, Creoles, Mestizos , native Americans
Why did Europeans bring Africans to the Americas ?
They brought them for 4 basic reasons, they were immune to European diseases, they had no friends or family in the Americas to help them, provided permanent source of cheap labor, and many already had experience on farms
How did the enslaved people respond to enslavement?
They would run and try to escape and rebell
What were positives and negatives of the Colombian exchange?
Positives - it brought new goods and animals that wouldn't be found in the Americas
Negatives - it brought deadly disease that killed many people