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IELTS Advanced Units 3-4


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meticulous (adj.)
paying a lot of attention to details
debase (v.)
to cause sth. to lose its basic values
abhor (v.)
to hate sth. very much
taciturn (adj.)
secretive, unsociable
infamy (n.)
notoriety; the bad kind of fame
myriad (n.)
a variety
quaint (adj.)
old in a likable way
obtuse (adj.)
flabbergasted (adj.)
very surprised or shocked
indolent (adj.)
take the plunge
to finally commit to sth. or decide to do sth.
climb the career ladder
to work hard to get promoted or achieve results in your career
the grass is (always) greener on the other side (of the fence)
people tend to value things they don't have over things they do
have an affair
to cheat on your spouse/partner
sidestep (v.)
to avoid or ignore (a problem)
a firm footing
a strong base/foundation
nostalgic (adj.)
feeling that the past is better than the present
baggage (n.)
beliefs and attitudes based on past experience
to put down roots (idiom)
to begin to have a settled life in a particular place
seize the day
take an opportunity rather than hesitate
reassuring (adj.)
making you feel less worried about sth.
a hint of sth.
a small amount of sth.
mechanistic (adj.)
explained as if they were machines
ambivalent (adj.)
having both good and bad feelings about sb./sth.
quackery (n.)
behaviour of sb. who pretends to have medical knowledge
charlatan (n.)
sb. who claims to have knowledge or skills that they do not really have
orthodox (adj.)
generally accepted or approved of - chính thống
disparage (v.)
to belittle; to suggest that sb./sth. is not important or valuable
lend itself to (phr. v.)
to be suitable for something
abolish (v.)
to officially end a law or a system
sedative (n.)
a drug that makes sb. go to sleep or feel calm
stimulant (n.)
a drug that makes sb. feel more awake and energetic
bog standard (adj.)
ordinary; with no special features
disparage (v.)
to suggest that sb./sth. is not important
whopping (adj.)
very big
validity (n.)
being logical and true
hands down (idiom)
easily and without any doubt
void (n.)
a large empty space
pulchritudinous (adj.)
unmitigated (adj.)
(of disasters) complete and not diminished
amiable (adj.)
(of a person) friendly and pleasant
oblivious (adj.) of sth.
unaware of sth, forget about sth
vex (v.)
to worry or annoy sb/irritate sb
haughty (adj.)
jubilant (adj.)
serendipity (n.)
the fact of sth. interesting or pleasant happening by chance
fractious (adj.)
bad-tempered or easily upset
abstruse (adj.)
difficult to understand
discerning (adj.)
having or showing good judgement
decry (v.)
to publicly criticize sb./sth.
noted (adj.) for
known for; famous for
venerable (adj.)
insatiable (adj.) /ɪnˈseɪʃəbl/
impossible to satisfy
exemplary (adj.)
great; providing a good example for people to follow
callous (adj.)
not caring for people's feelings
embroider (v.)
to decorate cloth with coloured patterns - thêu
mysticism (n.)
the belief that knowledge of God can be found through prayer and meditation
luminary (n.)
important people in a certain field
contraceptive (adj.)
preventing women from being pregnant
physiology (n.)
the scientific study of the normal functions of living things - sinh lý học
ambivalent (adj.) towards sb./sth.
"both-feeling" - having good and bad feelings about sb./sth.
tantamount (adj.) to sth.
almost equal to sth. bad
adjacent (adj.) to sth.
next to
notwithstanding (adv.)
despite sth.; not counting sth ; despite the fact that..
commencement (n.)
beginning of sth.
abstinence (n.)
the practice of not doing sth. e.g. avoiding alcohol or sex
ambulatory (adj.)
animated, capable of movement
ergonomics (n.)
the study of working conditions in order to help people work more efficiently
regiment (n.)
trung đoàn
counter-productive (adj.)
having the opposite effect to what is intended
meditate (v.)
to think deeply by yourself
stimulant (n.)
a drug which makes you more aware / energetic
unrivalled (adj.)
greater than any other
immune (adj.) to sth.
not affected by a disease or a condition
molecule (n.)
a group of atoms making up the smallest unit of a substance - phân tử
altruism (n.)
care shown to other people; selflessness; lòng vị tha
paralyse (v.)
to make sb./sth. unable to move
immerse (v.) (sb./sth.) in sth.
to put in a liquid; to become involved in sth.
exhilarate (v.)
to make sb. very happy and excited
rapturous (adj.)
expressing extreme pleasure or enthusiasm for sb./sth.
snuggle (v.)
to move into a warm, comfortable position next to sb. (Snuggle up to sb)
placebo (n.)
a substance that has no physical effects, given to patients who do not need medicine but think that they do - giả dược
euphoria (n.)
a feeling of great happiness or well-being
voracious (adj.)
eating or wanting large amounts of food
aesthetics (n.)
the branch of philosophy that studies the principles of beauty - mỹ học
ingest (v.)
to eat or swallow
to jump on the bandwagon (idiom)
(negative) to join others in doing sth. that is becoming fashionable
swath (n.) / swathe
a large area of sth.
projectile (n.)
an object that is fired from a weapon e.g. an arrow or a bullet
penetrate (v.)
to go into or through sth.
rhyme (n.)
a word that has the same sound or ends with the same sound as another word - vần
compensate (v.) for sth.
to provide sth. good to balance or reduce the bad effects of damage, loss, etc.
superficial (adj.)
1. not studying or looking at something thoroughly; seeing only what is obvious; (superficial knowledge)
2. close to the surface
scant (adj.)
not enough; hardly any
proponent (n.)
a person who publicly supports an idea
take hold (v.)
to become very strong
alienate (v.)
1. to make sb. feel that they do not belong in a group;
2. to make sb. less friendly towards you
peculiar (adj.)
very strange or unusual
sterile (adj.)
not able to have children
anomaly (n.)
sth. that is different than what is normal/expected
synthesize (v.)
1. to produce a substance from other substances - tổng hợp
2. to combine different ideas - tổng hợp
full-fledged (adj.)
completely developed
angina (n.)
severe pain in the chest caused by a low supply of blood to the heart
commercialize (v.)
to use sth. to try to make a profit
manifold (adj. / adv.)
many, of different types
condescending (adj.)
behaving as though you are more important and more intelligent than other people - kẻ cả
virulent (adj.)
extremely dangerous and harmful
integral (adj.)
being an important part of sth. larger
diligent (adj.)
in tandem with sb./sth.
working together with; happening at the same time
a spring chicken (idiom)
a young and energetic person
ICU (n.)
intensive care unit, in a hospital
lucidity (n.)
clarity; the ability to think clearly
facade (n.) /fəˈsäd/
1. the front of a building;
2. the way sth. appears to be