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Neap tide

The smallest height difference between high tide and low tide during a lunar month.

How many neap tides are there usually in a month?


High tide

The highest elevation of ocean water level at a specific location during a 24 hour day.

Low tide

The lowest elevation of ocean water level at a specific location during a 24 hour day.

Extreme tides

The highest elelvation of tides during a lunar month.

What is another name for extreme tides?

Spring tides

What is gravity?

Gravity is a pulling force. All objects in space have gravity. The larger the object, the more gravitational pull the object will have on other objects. The gravitational pull attracts other objects to it.

Tide variation

The net change in tide elevation in a 24 hour day.

Name the fout major moon phases

new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, third or last quarter moon

What is a lunar month?

A period of 29 1/2 days when the moon orbits earth, or about 4 weeks.

What is an earth day?

A 24 hour period in which the earth rotates once on its axis.

What does rotation mean?

The act of moving around a center or axis. The moon moves in the same direction as the earth's rotation.

What moon phases begins and ends the first week of the lunar cycle?

New Moon - 1st Quarter

What moon phases begins and ends the second week of the lunar cycle?

1st Quarter - Full Moon

What moon phases begins and ends the third week of the lunar cycle?

Full Moon - Third or Last Quarter

What moon phase begins and ends the last or fourth week of the lunar cycle?

Third or Last Quarter - New Moon

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