Inheritance Unit

20 terms by NorthwoodBio

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Relating to genes or DNA


A characteristic


Something passed down genetically from parent to offspring

Heritable Trait

A characteristic that can be passed down genetically.


A process of cell division that produces haploid gametes


A haploid sex cell like a sperm cell or egg cell


Two complete sets of chromosomes


One complete set of chromosomes


A diploid cell formed when two haploid gametes unite


When gametes unite to form a zygote

Crossing Over

Exchange of genetic material between two chromosomes in one cell during meiosis


One letter in a genotype

Independent assortment

Parents each give offspring one of two alleles for a trait


The alleles or letters for a trait. Could be heterozygous, homozygous dominant, or homozygous recessive.


The physical result of a trait. Ex. brown eyes, tongue roller, widow's peak.


Capital letter. Will show always show that phenotype with one or two letters. Ex. Rr or RR


Lowercase letter. It takes two of these to show that phenotype. Ex. rr


Genotype with one dominant and one recessive allelle. Ex. Rr


Genotype with two dominant or two recessive alleles. Ex. RR or rr

Punnet Square

Used to show a cross between two parents and predict their offspring's traits.

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