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  1. Roman Senate
  2. Zimmerman Telegram
  3. Committee of Public Safety
  4. Magna Carta
  5. Iliad
  1. a A legal document written by English lords in 1215 that stated certain rights and limited the power of the King
  2. b The leaders under Robespierre who organized the defenses of France, conducted foreign policy, and centralized authority during the period 1792-1795. Instigated the Reign of Terror.
  3. c German Arthur Zimmerman sent a telegram to the German minister in Mexico City telling him to promise the Mexican President German help if Mexico went to war with the U.S. the telegram was intercepted and decoded by the British, shocked the American public.
  4. d a Greek epic poem (attributed to Homer) describing the siege of Troy
  5. e a group of 300 men who served for life oversaw the everyday operations of the Roman government

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  1. Joint monarchs that ruled after Glorious Revolution under constitutional monarchy
  2. Roman emperor (r. 312-337). After reuniting the Roman Empire, he moved the capital to Constantinople and made Christianity a favored religion. (p.159)
  3. This was the "revolution" that replaced James II with William and Mary that also recognized the supremacy of the Parliament with minimum bloodshed
  4. Conflict between Britain and China, lasting from 1839 to 1842, over Britain's opium trade and control of trade in China.
  5. Sacred rituals of the Roman Catholic Church

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  1. John LockeEnglish philosopher who advocated the idea of a "social contract" in which government powers are derived from the consent of the governed and in which the government serves the people; also said people have natural rights to life, liberty and property.


  2. Bootygoods or money obtained illegally


  3. Polytheisma Greek epic poem (attributed to Homer) describing the journey of Odysseus after the fall of Troy


  4. Leonardo da VinciItalian Renaissance artist that painted The Last Supper and Mona Lisa, he was also an engineer, architect, sculptor, and scientist.


  5. Nerothe holy book of Islam


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