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  1. Interdiction
  2. Twelve Tables
  3. Devine Right of Kings
  4. Job Specialization
  5. Urban II
  1. a the earliest written Roman laws that became the foundation of Roman law
  2. b the process by which a division of labor occurs as different workers specialize in different tasks over time
  3. c Pope who called for the First Crusade
  4. d Process where by the Church excommunicates an entire region
  5. e The belief that the authority of kings comes directly from God

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  1. A legal document written by English lords in 1215 that stated certain rights and limited the power of the King
  2. goods or money obtained illegally
  3. Portuguese explorer who in 1488 led the first expedition to sail around the southern tip of Africa from the Atlantic and sight the Indian Ocean
  4. Adopted son of Julius Caesar. Defeats Marc Antony to become Rome's 1st Emperor.
  5. American inventor who designed the first commercially successful steamboat and the first steam warship (1765-1815)

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  1. AllahThe civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth, successor to the Prophet.


  2. Henry BessemerDeveloped a new method for making steel that allowed manufacturers to make steel much cheaper than ever before.


  3. Queen Isabella of SpainThe monarch who unified Spain and sponsored the sea exploration voyages including those of Columbus


  4. Nationalisma large hill in ancient Greece where city residents sought shelter and safety in times of war and met to discuss community affairs


  5. Meccathe holiest city of Islam; Muhammad's birthplace