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  1. Francisco Pizarro
  2. Maximilian Robespierre
  3. Patricians
  4. Textiles
  5. Interdiction
  1. a the wealthy class in Roman society; landowners
  2. b Process where by the Church excommunicates an entire region
  3. c fabrics that are woven or knitted; material for clothing
  4. d Leader of the Committee of Public Safety. One of the most influential figures of the French Revolution; instrumental in the period of the French Revolution known as the Reign of Terror, was eventually arrested and executed.
  5. e Spanish Conquistador who conquered the Incas

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  1. Pope known primarily for the sale of indulgences to reconstruct St. Peter's Basilica and his challenging of Luther's 95 Theses.
  2. Arabic word for God
  3. Kaiser (Emperor) of Germany at the time of the First World War reigning from 1888-1918. He pushed for a more aggressive foreign policy by means of colonies and a strong navy to compete with Britain. His actions added to the growing tensions in pre-1914 Europe.
  4. "Duty" of Europeans to spread Christianity and Western Civilization to non Europeans.
  5. United the Franks; converted Franks to Christianity c. 496.

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  1. William the ConquerorConquered England in 1066


  2. Johannes GutenbergFrankish king who conquered most of Europe and was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III in the year 800


  3. BootyMuslims from Spain


  4. King Henry VIIIKing of Belgium (r. 1865-1909). He was active in encouraging the exploration of Central Africa and became the infamous ruler of the Congo Free State (to 1908).


  5. ShiahBranch of Islam formed in the AD 600s that believed only imams should decide religious and worldly matters