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Publisher Chapter 1

Task Pane
Seperate window that enables users to carry out some publisher tasks more efficiently
Language bar
Allows you to speak commands and dictate text
A set design process
Collection of publication templates organized by type
Displayed templates on the right Publisher Window
Color Scheme
Defined set of colors that complement eachother
Font Scheme
Defined set of fonts associated with a publication
Shape of letters
Flyer Options Task Pane
Displays its option links int he upper portion of the task pane and design choices in the lower portion
Contains several elements similar to the document window in other applications
Page Layout
Contains a view of the publication
Scroll Bars
Display different portions of yopur publication in the workspace
Scroll Box
Reflects the location of the portion of the publication that is displayed in the publication window
Layout Guides
Create a grid that repeats on each page of a publication
Margin Guides
Displayed in pink
Grid Guides
Displayed in blue
The gray lines surrounding an object
Includes anything you want to place in your publication
Status Bar
Contains the page sorter
Page Sortes
Displays a button for each page of your publication
Object Position and Size
boxes as guidlines for lining up objects from the left and top margins
Menu Bar
Special toolbar displaying at the top of the window just below the Publisher title bar
Menu Name
The area of the menu bar containing the name displays a button
Contains a list of commands thay you can use to store, print, and manipulate data
Displayed from which you can choose a command
Keyboard Shortcuts
Displayed to the right of the menu commands
Full Menu
List all the commands associated with a menu
Dimmed Command
Displays gray, or dimmed, instead of black
Hidden Command
Dosent diplay on short menu
Contains buttons and boxes that allow you to perform frequent tasks more quickly when using the menu bar
Screen Tip
The box that displays below the pointer box
Standard Toolbar
Displayed just below the menu bar
connect Text Boxes Toolbar
Displays to the right of the standard toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Below the Standard Toolbar
To turn on
Objects Toolbar
displays on the left edge of the Publisher window and contains buttons for each category
Toolbar Options Button
Display these hidden buttons
Move Handle
the left of each toolbar to display more buttons
Office Speech Recognition Software
You can speak the names of toolbar buttons, menu commands, list items, alerts, and controls
Displayed somewhere in the Publisher window
Text box
An object in a publication designed to hold text in a specific shape, size, and style
Text Box Button
Objects Toolbar
Placeholder Text
Text supplied byt he template
An attribute or characteristics of an object
To make changes
Zoom In
Increase size
Zoom Box
On the Standard Toolbar
A dot or symbol placed before the text to add emphasis
ready-to-be-scores text boxes with some combination of name, telephone, fax, e-mail, or address
changing something to math the others
Fint Size
Specifies the size of the characters and is determined by a measurement system called points
1/72 of an inch in height
Allows you to type words continually without pressing the ENTER key at the end of each line
Do Not Autofit
Retain the font size
Text is hidden until is can be formatted to a smaller font size
Best Fit
Allows Publisher to change the font size, and increasing short text to a large font
Shrink Text On Overflow
Publisher will change the font only if necessary to display all of the text
Tools Button
In the Save As dialog box
General Options Command
Allows you to save a backup copy of the publication
Means Publisher can diffreentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters
File Name
Contain up to 255 characters and can include spaces
Contains graphical images
A single photographs, sounds, videos, and other media files called clips
Clip Art
An Inclusive term given to a variety of predefined graphics such as images, artwork, and draw-type images thay are created from a set of instructions
Clip Collection
Hierarchical organization of media clips
Clip Organizer
Allows you to browse through the Microsoft Clip Organizer
Adjusts the placement of an object automatically so it aligns to rulers