20 terms

CBA Word Processing Unit 7

Unit 7 vocabulary
Distance learning
The electronic transmission of lessons over geographical distances.
Electronic mail
The electronic preparation and sending of messages, documents, or images; the use of a computer network to send and receive messages.
A facsimile machine; the document generated by such a machine.
A term used for a person who illegally tries to access and sometimes damage the files on a remote system, using telecommunications technology.
Home page
The first page of a Web site that contains general information as well as links to other related pages.
A central connecting device in a network that joins communications lines together in a star configuration.
Hypertext Markup Language
The programming language used to write content for the World Wide Web.
A vast network of computers linked to one another.
A company's private Web.
Local Area Network
A computer network that covers a small area.
A device that lets your computer communicate through standard telephone lines for connection to the Internet, other modems, or communications devices.
Computers that are connected.
Connected and ready to receive and/or transmit data.
The rules that must be observed for tow electronic devices to communicate with each other.
Snail mail
United States Postal Service mail
Communication between individual computer users, facilitated by the use of a computer, modem, and telephone line.
A format or design template for creating Web pages.
Uniform Resource Locator
Internet address that identifies hyertext documents.
A hidden, and often destructive, computer program that can infect or spread to other computer systems.
World Wide Web
A subset of the Internet, a system of computers that share information by means of hypertext links.