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animal that eats only other animals or the remains of animals

contour feather

strong, lightweight feathers that give their birds their coloring and shape and that are used for flight

down feather

soft, fluffy feathers that provide an insulating layer next to the skin of adult birds and that cover the body of younger birds


vertebrate animal with a constant internal temperature

gestation period

period of which an embryo develops in the uterus


animal that eats only plants or parts of plants


endothermic vertebrates that have hair, teeth specialized for eating certain foods, and whose females have mammary glands

mammary gland

milk producing glands of female mammals used to feed their young


a mammal with an external pouch for the development of its young


mammals that lay eggs with leathery shells


animal that eats both plants and animals


sac-like organ in which a placental embryo develops


a mammal whose offspring develops in a female uterus


when a bird rubs oil from an oil gland to its wings to condition them

umbilical chord

connects the embryo to the placenta moves food and oxygen to the embryo and then removes its wastes

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