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  1. Every species has
  2. Meiosis results in the formation of
  3. Eukaryotic chromosomes are contained within
  4. How many chromosomes do human sperm and egg cells have?
  5. Crossing-over occurs during
  1. a haploid cells from diploid cells
  2. b 23
  3. c a nucleus
  4. d Meiosis I
  5. e a distinctive number of chromosomes per cell

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  1. interphase
  2. chromosomes
  3. diploid
  4. a nuclear envelope surrounds each new set of chromosomes
  5. diploid gamete

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  1. Any chromosome that is not a sex chromosomehaploid


  2. Asexual reproduction occurs bymitosis


  3. Cells having one set of unpaired chromosomeshaploid


  4. Binary fission isprokaryotic cell division


  5. After mitosis a cytokinesis, each new cell has acomplete set of the original cell's chromosomes


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