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  1. After mitosis a cytokinesis, each new cell has a
  2. threadlike structures made of DNA molecules that contain the genes
  3. Cells having two sets of chromosomes
  4. Crossing-over occurs during
  5. Oogenesis
  1. a chromosomes
  2. b complete set of the original cell's chromosomes
  3. c Meiosis I
  4. d requires meiotic cell divisions
  5. e diploid

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  1. Asexual reproduction
  2. Mitosis
  3. 23
  4. chromatid
  5. a distinctive number of chromosomes per cell

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  1. Haploid cells unite to form adiploid gamete


  2. Cells having one set of unpaired chromosomesdiploid


  3. Eukaryotic chromosomes are contained withina nucleus


  4. Binary fission isprokaryotic cell division


  5. Interphase isdiffers in animal and plant cells