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  1. the production of offspring from one parent is called ...
  2. Spermatogenesis produces
  3. one of two identical parts that make up a chromosome is a ...
  4. After mitosis a cytokinesis, each new cell has a
  5. How many chromosomes do human sperm and egg cells have?
  1. a chromatid
  2. b complete set of the original cell's chromosomes
  3. c Asexual reproduction
  4. d four haploid cells
  5. e 23

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  1. a nucleus
  2. a distinctive number of chromosomes per cell
  3. requires meiotic cell divisions
  4. a nuclear envelope surrounds each new set of chromosomes
  5. diploid

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  1. Interphase isrequires meiotic cell divisions


  2. Cells having one set of unpaired chromosomeshaploid


  3. The information needed by a cell to direct its activities and to determine its characteristics is contained inDNA


  4. Meiosis results in the formation ofhaploid cells from diploid cells


  5. Asexual reproduction occurs bya distinctive number of chromosomes per cell