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What does the term "enlightened absolutism" mean?

This term means that the European rulers embraced the reforms of the philosophes.

Which economic policy stated that the goverenment should let indiviuals to pursue their own economic interests?


Which enlightenment thinker stated that their should be a tabula rasa?

John Locke.

Who were the enlightenment philosophes?

They were writers and critics who believed that religion, politics, society, and the economy could be reformed to better support human liberty.

What religious group thought of God as the divine clockmaker?


What famous enlightenment thinker stated "crush the infamous thing"?


What was Rococo style art?

This style of art embraced lavish and lighthearted decoration with an emphasis on pastel colors and play of light.

What author promoted the rights of women in her book The Vindication of the Rights of Women?

Mary Wollstonecraft.

Define Physiocrats.

French thinkers who attacked mercantilist regulation of the economy and believed that economic development depended on agriculture.

List some of the most important Enlightenment thinkers.

Locke, Rousseau, Voltaire, and Hobbes......

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