Ch. 15 Society and Economy Under the Old Regime

Society and Economy Under the Old Regime in the Eighteenth Century
What percent of the population did the nobility make up throughout Europe?
between 1 and 5 % in most European countries
This example of aristicratic domination of rural life prohibited hunting by anyone other than large landowners
English Game Laws
What is the 'Family Economy'?
the household was the basic unit of production and consumption, everyone who could worked, to support the family unit
Increasing population led to increasing demand and price for what? This hurt who, and helped who?
Wheat and bread, this hurt the peasants, and helped the larger landowners
What were some significant inventions that benefitied the industrial revolution?
spinning jenny (1765) water frame (1769) power loom (late 1780's) steam engine (1769) iron
The vast majority of Jews lived where?
Eastern Europe
What is aristocratic resurgence?
Term applied to the 18th century aristocratic efforts to resist the expanding powers of European monarchies
Define 'Corve'
A French labor tax requiring peasants to work on roads, canals, and bridges
What is the Old Regime?
The pattern of social, political, and economic relationships and institutions that existed in Europe before the French Revolution
What was the industrial revolution driven by?
demand for the consumption of goods, particularly by the middle class
The work of who was devalued?