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Vergil's Aeneid: General Vocabulary


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ā, ab, abs
(abl) (away) from, by
and, also; as, than
accipiō, -ere, -cēpī, ceptus
receive, accept; learn, hear, conceive
Acestēs, -ae
(m) king in Sicily
(acc) to, toward, at, near, about
future active infinitive of "to be"
adsum, esse, fuī
be present; assist
Aenēās, -ae (acc. -an)
(m) Trojan prince, son of Venus and Anchises
aequor, - oris
(n) sea, waves; (level) plain
age, agite
up! come! lead on!
agmen, -inis
(n) army, (battle) line, troop; course
agō, -ere, ēgī, āctus
lead, drive, do, treat, pass, conduct
aiō, ais, ait; aiunt
say, speak, assert
alius, -a, -ud
other, another, else
altus, -a, -um
(on) high, lofty, deep
amor, -ōris
(m) love, desire, passion
Anchīsēs, -ae (acc. -en)
(m) Trojan prince, father of Aeneas
anima, -ae
(f) air, breath, life, soul, shade
animus, -ī
(m) soul, spirit, breath, courage; anger, pride; purpose, thought
(acc) before; sooner, previously
antīquus, -a, -um
ancient, old, aged, former, of olden times, time-honored
āra, -ae
(f) altar
ardeō, -ēre, arsī, arsus
burn, be eager
arma, -ōrum
(n) arms, equipment, tools
arvum, -ī
(n) plowed land, field, region
arx, arcis
(f) citadel, fort; height, hill
at, ast
but, yet, however, at least
āter, -tra, -trum
black, gloomy, deadly
and, also; as, than
audiō, -īre, -īvī, -ītus
hear (of), hearken
aura, -ae
(f) breeze, air; favor; light
aurum, -ī
(n) gold (object, equipment)
aut (aut...aut...)
or, either; (either...or...)
bellum, ī
(n) war(fare), combat, fight
caelum, -ī
(n) sky, heaven; weather
campus, -ī
(m) plain, field, level surface
capiō, -ere, cēpī, captus
take, seize, catch; captivate, deceive; occupy
caput, -itis
(n) head; summit; life, person
cāsus, -ūs
(m) chance, (mis)fortune; fall
cernō, -ere, crēvī, crētus
discern, perceive, understand, decide; fight
(acc) around, about, at, near
clāmor, -ōris
(m) shout, roar, applause
classis, is
(f) fleet, army, ship
comes, -itis
(m/f) comrade, follower
coniūnx, iugis
(m/f) husband, wife
corpus, corporis
(n) body, corpse, form
cum (conj)
when, while, since, although
cum (prep)
(abl) with
cūnctus, -a, -um
all, whole, entire
cūra, -ae
(f) care, anxiety, grief; love
cursus, -ūs
(m) course, running; haste
(abl) (down, away) from, of, concerning, according to
dea, -ae
(f) goddess
deus, -ī
(m) god, divinity, deity
dexter, -tera, -terum
right (hand); favorable; (f) (subst) right hand
dīcō, -ere, dīxī, dictus
say, speak, tell, call, name, describe, chant
dictum, -ī
(n) word, speech, command
diēs, diēī
(m/f) day, time, season
dīvus, -a, -um
divine, heavenly, deified; (subst) divinity, god, goddess
dō, dare, dedī, datus
give (forth), grant, allow, bestow; put, place, make
domus, -ūs
(f) house(hold), home, abode; family, race, line
dōnum, -ī
(n) gift, offering, prize, reward
dūcō, -ere, dūxī, ductus
lead, draw (out), protract; produce, think
while, as long as, until, provided
ē, ex
(abl) out of, from, according to
ego, meī
I, me (pl nōs, nostrum)
eō, īre, īvī, itus
go, proceed, come
equus, -ī
(m) horse, steed, charger
ēripiō, -ere, -uī, reptus
snatch (from), tear away; rescue; hasten
errō (1)
stray, wander, err; linger
et (et...et...)
and, also, even, too (both...and...)
ex, ē
(abl) out of, from, according to
faciō, -ere, fēcī, factus
do, make, perform; grant, offer; suppose
fāma, -ae
(f) fame, report, reputation
fātum, -ī
(n) fate, destiny, doom; oracle
ferō, ferre, tulī, lātus
bear, endure; wear; report, say; carry (off), plunder; extol; tend; grant, offer
ferrum, -ī
(n) iron; sword, weapon, tool
fessus, -a, -um
tired, weary, feeble, worn
fīnis, -is
(m/f) end, limit, border; country; goal; starting-place
flamma, -ae
(f) flame, fire, torch; love
flūctus, -ūs
(m) wave, tide, flood, sea
for, fārī, fētus
speak, say, tell, utter
fors, fortis
(f) chance, fortune, hap
fuga, -ae
(f) flight, haste, exile, speed
fugiō, -ere, fūgī, fugitūrus
flee (from), escape, shun
fundō, -ere, fūdī, fūsus
pour (out), shed; lay low, slay, rout; extend
furō, -ere, -uī
rage, rave, be frantic
futūrus, -a, -um
future, destined (to be), impending, about to be
geminus, -a, -um
twin, double, two
genitor, -ōris
(m) begetter, father, sire
gēns, gentis
(f) clan, race, nation, herd
genus, -eris
(n) birth, origin, race; descendant; kind, family
habeō, -ēre, -uī, -itus
have, hold; consider
not, by no means, not at all
alas! ah! ah me!
hīc (adv)
here, hereupon
hic, haec, hoc
this; he, she, it
from this place, hence
honōs (or "honōr"), -ōris
(m) honor, glory, reward; offering, sacrifice; charm, grace
to this place, hither, here
īdem, eadem, idem
same, the same
ignis, -is
(m) fire, flame, light, lightning, star; passion, love, fury, wrath
ille, illa, illud
that (famous); he, she, it
immānis, -e
huge, monstrous, enormous, mighty, dreadful, cruel, atrocious
imperium, -ī
(n) command, power, dominion, rule, sway, mastery, realm
īmus, -a, -um
superl. of īnferus, lowest
(abl) in, on, in the case of, among; (acc) into, against, until, toward
infēlīx, -īcis
unfortunate, accused, unhappy, ill-omened, unlucky, wretched
īnferus, -a, -um
low, below, underneath
ingēns, ingentis
enormous, mighty, huge
(acc) between, among, during
ipse, ipsa, ipsum
(him, her, it)self; very
īra, -ae
(f) wrath, rage, anger, passion
is, ea, id
this, that; he, she, it
now, already, finally, at once
iubeō, -ēre, iussī, iussus
command, order, bid, enjoin (upon), urge
iussus, -a, -um
commanded, ordered, urged
lābor, lābī, lēpsus
slip (by), slide, glide (by), descend; fail; faint, fall, perish; flow
labōs (labōr), -ōris
(m) labor, hardship, task
lacrima, -ae
(f) tear, compassion
laetus, -a, -um
happy; fertile; fat, sleek
līmen, -inis
(n) threshold, doorway, entrance; abode; shrine; palace
lītus, -oris
(n) shore, strand, coast, beach
locus, -ī (pl. locī, loca)
(m) place, region; condition, situation; opportunity
longus, -a, -um
long, wide, distant
lūmen, -inis
(n) light, lamp; eye; life
lūx, lūcis
(f) light, sun, day; life; glory
magnus, -a, -um
great, large, huge, vast; noble, illustrious, mighty, important
maior, maius
comparative of magnus
maneō, -ēre, mānsī, mānsus
remain, abide, linger, stay, (a)wait
manus, -ūs
(f) hand; band, troop; deed
mare, -is
(n) sea
māter, -tris
(f) mother, dam; matron
superl. of magnus
medius, -a, -um
middle, intermediate
mēns, mentis
(f) mind, feeling, intention
meus, -a, -um
my (own), mine
miser, -era, -erum
miserable, unhappy, wretched, unfortunate, pitiable
mittō, -ere, mīsī, missus
send, hurl, dismiss, let go; end, finish; offer, pay
moenia, -ium
(n) walls; city; structures
mōns, montis
(m) mountain, height
mors, mortis
(f) death, destruction, ruin
moveō, -ēre, mōvī, mōtus
move; ponder
multus, -a, -um
much, many, abundant
mūnus, muneris
(n) function, duty; gift
nam, namque
for; indeed, truly
nātus, -ī
(m) son, child, young
nāvis, -is
(f) ship, boat, vessel, galley
sign of a question; whether, or
lest, so that not
neque, nec (neque...neque...)
nor, neither, and not; (neither...nore...)
nōmen, momenis
(n) name, fame, renown
not, no
nos, nostri/nostrum
we, us
noster, nostra, nostrum
our (own), ours
novus, -a, -um
new, young, strange, late
nox, noctis
(f) night, darkness; sleep
nūllus, -a, -um
none, no, no one
nūmen, nūminis
(n) divinity, divine power (will, favor, purpose, presence)
(but) now, soon, as it is
oculus, -ī
(m) eye
omnis, -e
all, every, whole, universal
ōra, -ae
(f) shore, coast, region, border
ōs, ōris
(n) mouth, face; speech
parēns, -entis
(m/f) parent, ancestor, father, mother
parō (1)
prepare, make (ready)
pars, partis
(f) part, portion, share, side
pater, partris
(m) father, ancestor, sire
patrius, -a, -um
paternal, ancestral, native
pectus, -oris
(n) breast, heart, sould
pelagus, -ī
(n) sea, flood, waves
(acc) through, by (means of), over, among, because of, during
pēs, pedis
(m) foot; sheet-rope, sheet
petō, -ere, -īvī, -ītus
seek, attack, aim (at), ask; scan
pius, -a, -um
devoted, loyal, righteous
compar. of multus
superl. of multus
compar. of multus
poena, -ae
(f) punishment, penalty, satisfaction, revenge, vengeance
pōnō, -ere, posuī, positus
put, place (aside); found, establish; bury
portus, -ūs
(m) port, harbor, haven
possum, posse, potuī
be able, can, avail
prīmus, -a, -um
first, foremost, shief
far, at a distance, (from) afar
puer, -ī
(m) boy, child; slave
puppis, -is
(f) stern; ship, vessel, galley
quaerō, -ere, quaesīvī, quaesītus
seek (in vain), miss, inquire, ask, try
-que (-que...-que...)
and, also, even (both...and...)
quī, quae, quod
(relative pronoun): who, which,that
(interrog. adj.) what...? which...?
quis, quid
who? which? what? why? any, some(one)
whither, where(fore), whereby
(at) some time, formerly, ever
referō, referre, retullī, relātus
bear back, restore, carry off; reproduce, renew, recall; relate, say; repay
rēgīna, -ae
(f) queen; (adj) royal
rēgnum, -ī
(n) royal power, kingdom, realm, rule, sway, sovereignty
relinquō, -ere, relīquī, relictus
leave, desert, surrender, abandon, relinquish
rēmus, -ī
(m) oar
rēs, reī
(f) thing, affair, matter, deed, fact, fortunate; state, commonwealth
rēx, rēgis
(m) king; (adj) ruling, royal
ruō, -ere, -ī, rutus
fall; rush; sink; plow
sacer, sacra, sacrum
sacred, holy, consecrated; accused; (n. subst.) sacrifice, holy implement (object); mystery
sanguis, sanguinis
(m) blood; race, descendent
saxum, -ī
(n) stone, rock, reef, cliff, crag
but, moreover, however
sēdēs, -is
(f) seat; abode, habitation; bottom; tomb, shrine; place, region
sequor, sequī, secūtus
follow, attend, pursue, accompany, seek
servō (1)
observe, watch; preserve, save, guard, keep, rescue; nurse
whether, if (only), in case that
thus, so, in this manner
sīdus, -eris
(n) star, constellation, meteor; season, weather; heaven
silva, -ae
(f) forest, wood(s), tree(s)
simul (simul ac; simul atque)
at the same time, together; (as soon as)
socius, -ī
(m) ally, comrade, follower
sōlus, -a, -um
alone, only, lonely, sole
somnus, -ī
(m) sleep, slumber, dream
stō, -āre, stetī, status
stand (fast, up); halt; endure; stick (to), remain
(acc, abl) (from) under, close (to), beneath, (deep) in, after
subeō, -īre, -īvī, -itus
(dat) go under, bear; approach, enter; arise
sublātus, -a, -um
lifted, raised, stirred up; removed, destroyed
(of) himself, herself, itself, themselves; him, her, it, them
sum, esse, fuī, futūrus
be, exist
super. of superus
(acc, abl) above, beyond, left, in addition, upon, concerning, about
superus, -a, -um
upper, higher, above; subst. god, divinity
suprēmus, -a, -um
superl. of superus
surgō, -ere, surrēxī, surrēctus
raise, (a)rise, spring up, surge
suus, -a, -um
his, her, its, their (own)
tālis, -is, -e
such, of such sort, the following
at length, finally; pray
tantus, -a, -um
so great, so much, so far
tēctum, -ī
(n) roof; house, home, abode
tellūs, -ūris
(f) earth, land, country
tēlum, -ī
(n) weapon; wound, blow
tempus, temporis
(n) time; occasion, crisis
tendō, -ere, tetendī, tentus
stretch; hasten, strive, (ex)tended, aim; tent
teneō, -ēre, -uī, -tus
have, hold, restrain
terra, -ae
(f) earth, land, country, soil
tollō, -ere, sustulī, sublātus
lift, raise, upheave, stir up; remove, destroy
tōtus, -a, -um
all, every, whole, full
trahō, -ere, trāxī, tractus
drag (out), draw (in), lead, protract, spend
trīstis, -e
sad, unhappy, dreary, fatal
tū, tuī
you (sg.)
then, at that time; further
then, at that time; further
tuus, -a, -um
your(s), your own
where, when, as soon as
ūllus, -a, -um
any, any one
umbra, -ae
(f) shade, shadow, ghost
umerus, -ī
(m) shoulder
unda, -ae
(f) wave, billow, water, sea
ūnus, -a, -um
one, only, alone, single
urbs, urbis
(f) city, town
(+ subj) that, so that;
(+indic) as, when, how
vastus, -a, -um
desolate, vast, enormous
vātēs, -is
(m/f) prophet, seer, bard
vel (vel...vel...)
or, either, even (even...or...)
(postpositive enclitic) or
vēlum, -ī
(n) cloth, canvas, sail
veniō, -īre, vēnī, ventus
come, go
ventus, -ī
(m) wind, breeze, blast, air
via, -ae (f)
way, road, journey, street
victor, -ōris
(m) victor; (adj in apposition) victorious
videō, vidēre, vīdī, vīsus
see, perceive; (pass.) be seen, appear, seem (best)
vincō, vincere, vīcī, victus
conquer, surpass
vir, -ī
(m) man; hero; husband
vīs, vīs (pl. vīrēs)
(f) force, violence, energy; (pl. strength)
vīta, -ae
(f) life, soul, spirit
scarcely, feebly, with difficulty
vocō (1)
call, name, address, convke, invoke, invite, challenge
volō, velle, voluī
will, wish, be willing
volvō, -ere, -ī, volūtus
revolve, (un)roll, roll (round, through); undergo
vōx, vōcis
(f) voice, word, speech, sound
vester, vestra, vestrum
your, your own
vos, vestri/vestrum
you (pl.), y'all