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When a child's parents both identify strongly with the same political party, the child will most likely
identify with the parents' party
The Connecticut Compromise provided for
a bicamereal legislature with one house's composition based upon state population and another's on equal state representation
The term "party machine" usually refers to a
local party organization that is tightly disciplined and well staffed and relies on patronage to create party loyalty
Which of the following demographic groups have voted most consistently for the Democratic Party over the last three decades?
African Americans
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an example of
an independent agency
Which of the following best describes gerrymandering?
The party in control of the state legislature draws district boundaries in such a way as
to favor its own candidates in subsequent elections.
Which of the following has authority over the printing of currency?
The Department of the Treasury
A nonlitigant group or individual that wants
to attempt to influence the court in a particular
case can file
an amicus curiae brief
Which of the following best defines civil liberties?
Provisions in the Bill of Rights that provide guarantees against arbitrary interference
by government
The theory that all interests are and should be free to compete for influence in government, resulting in healthy democratic compromise and balance, is called
A tax whereby poor citizens pay a higher percentage of their incomes compared with wealthier citizens is known as a
regressive tax
"Just as the Fourth Amendment's right to privacy has been declared enforceable against the states through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth, it is enforceable by the same sanction . . . as is used against the federal government. Were it otherwise, . . . the assurance against unreasonable searches and seizures would be 'a form of words,' valueless . . . 'in the concept of ordered liberty."
Justice Tom Clark, Mapp v. Ohio (1961) Which two principles are addressed in the excerpt
I. The incorporation doctrine
II. The concept of eminent domain
III. The exclusionary rule
IV. The "wall of separation" doctrine
I. The incorporation doctrine
III. The exclusionary rule
The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (McCain-Feingold) did which of the following?
It banned soft money donations to national parties.
Which of the following best describes pork barrel politics?
Members of Congress negotiate bills so that individual districts get money for projects that do not benefit the nation as a whole.
Citizens who believe that their votes will have no effect on the outcome of an election have a
low level of political efficacy
The United States Supreme Court has used which of the following to incorporate the Bill of Rights into state law?
The Fourteenth Amendment
Enumerated powers of the federal government include all of the following EXCEPT the power to
regulate intrastate commerce
Which of the following did the Supreme Court establish in Marbury v. Madison ?
The Supreme Court can declare federal legislation invalid if the legislation violates the Constitution.
The process known as front-loading refers to
the tendency of states to choose an early
date on the primary calendar
Which of the following is true of both members of the House of Representatives and senators?
They must be citizens of the United States.
Fiscal policies refer to the government's power to
tax and spend
The franking privilege is one example of
an incumbency advantage
Which of the following is a type of primary election that requires registration as a party affiliate to vote?
Which of the following is filed when an imprisoned person wants to be brought before
a judge so that the judge can determine whether
his or her imprisonment is legal?
Habeas corpus petition
In The Federalist papers, James Madison argues that political liberty is best protected by
the fragmentation of political power in a large republic
The committee that resolves differences between
House and Senate versions of a bill is called a
conference committee
A bill of attainder is a
law that declares that an action of an individual can be punished without a trial
The number of justices on the United States
Supreme Court is set by
The president's role as chief diplomat is derived from
delegated powers
Which of the following is true of the seniority system of Congress in relation to committee leadership and committee staffing?
The chairs of congressional committees tend to be senior members of the body's majority party.
Jim Crow laws, still in place in the early 1960s in the South, were outlawed by the
passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Senate 49 Republicans 51 Democrats

House 220 Republicans 215 Democrats

The government depicted above is best described by which of the following terms?
Divided government
An election in which there is a significant shift in the bases of electoral support from one political party to another is called a
realigning election
The primary function of the White House staff is to
advise the president
In Gideon v. Wainwright, the United States
Supreme Court ruled that the
Sixth Amendment right-to-counsel provision applies to those accused of major crimes
under state laws
One example of constitutional checks and balances is
the House can impeach federal judges and the president, and the Senate holds
the impeachment trial
The War Powers Resolution does which of the following?
Requires that the president notify Congress within 48 hours of deploying troops
Which of the following describes the result in a winner-take-all, single-member-district plurality system?
The candidate who receives the most votes in the election wins.
The three points of an iron triangle include
an administrative agency, an interest
group, and a congressional committee
The free rider problem occurs when
people benefit from an interest group's efforts without making any contribution
Which of the following policies involves more state spending than federal spending?
All of the following United States Supreme Court decisions strengthened the power of the federal government EXCEPT
Dred Scott v. Sandford
According to the clear and present danger test, speech may be restricted
when it incites violent action
The constitutional powers of the president include all of the following EXCEPT
declaring war
A major difference between political parties and interest groups is that
political parties seek to gain control of government, while interest groups seek to influence public policy
A referendum can best be described as a vote to
determine whether citizens support an action by their state legislature
Which of the following most accurately describes media coverage of elections?
Network news coverage is usually dominated
by reporters who offer relatively short sound bites from the candidates.
The Senate must confirm all of the following presidential appointments EXCEPT
White House staff
When none of the presidential candidates receives a majority of the votes in the electoral college, the winner is chosen by the
House of Representatives only
Which of the following forms of financial aid from the national government gives the states
the broadest discretion in the spending of money?
Block grants
Congressional legislative powers include all of the following EXCEPT
pardoning felons
A prominent example of the process of returning more of the responsibilities of governing from the national level to the state level is
welfare reform
The term "split-ticket voting" is most accurately described as
voting for candidates of different parties on the same ballot
Members of Congress who have adopted the delegate role of representation normally cast their votes based on which of the following?
The preferences of the majority of their constituents
Under the Articles of Confederation, which of the following were true?
I. Congress could not tax the states directly.
II. The executive branch of government
exercised more power than Congress.
III. Congress was a unicameral body.
IV. States were represented in Congress proportionally according to population.
I. Congress could not tax the states directly.
III. Congress was a unicameral body.
When contributing to congressional campaigns, political action committees (PACs) are most likely to contribute to
incumbents of both major parties
Which of the following best explains why cabinet secretaries might not aggressively pursue the president's policy agenda?
Cabinet secretaries may develop strong loyalty to their departments.
When the effects of income and education are eliminated, which of the following statements about voting rates is true?
Black citizens vote at a higher rate than
White citizens.
Which of the following is a unique power held by members of the Senate?
The ability to filibuster
If Congress adjourns during the ten days the president has to consider a bill passed by both houses of Congress, but which the president has not yet signed, what is the result?
Pocket veto