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Microsoft Word 2010

Word Processing

Documents created using Microsoft Word 2010

Letter, Report, Memo

Where the zoom control slider located:

Status bar

Clicking the Enter key begins an new paragraph.

What action begins a new paragraph

A file name must be assigned when saving a document for the first time.

What must be done when saving a document for the first time?

Keyboard shortcut

A combination keystroke to perform a task.

Accessing Help in Word 2010

Press F1, Click the help button in the upper right corner (blue circle with a questions mark)


A control center located below the title bar at the top of the Word 2010 Window.

Dialog Box Launcher

Small arrows that display in the lower-right corner of a ribbon group OR a task pane with additional options. A Dialog box will appear when selected.

Mini Toolbar

Contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document that automatically appears based on the tasks you perform.

An ellipse (three small dots) appear at the end a drop-down menu signify...

that a dialog box appear when the item is selected.

Quick Access Toolbar

Is located above the ribbon, left edge of the title bar, provides convenient one-click access to frequently used commands.

A list of frequently used command that appear when you right-click an object.

Shortcut menu

Window Control Buttons

Enables a user to minimize, maximize, or close the Word 2010 window.

Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar

Cancels a recent command or action.

Clicking tabs on the Ribbon

Switches from one Ribbon to another.


Provides data about documents and contains a set of command to help a user manage document.

Ctrl + S

Save a new or existing file in its same location.

Save As

Allows a user to create a new folder in the desired storage location.


Word 2010 file type.


The ribbon that contains the command to display gridlines used in aligning objects in a document.

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