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west coast of africa to cape of good hope/ cape of storms


west coast of africa, around the cape to India


eastern coast of south america (Brazil)



Coronado/ spain

southwestern U.S. AZ, NM/ Grand Cannyon

Balboa/ Spain

crossed panama on foot / and discovered/ named the pacific ocean

champlain/ france

eastern canada/ founded quebec

lasalle/ france

great lakes region/ mississippi river valley

Verrazzano/ france

mid atlantic coast of north america

cabot/ england

eastern canada/ newfoundland


eastern canada/ hudson bay

advances in technology, expanded knowladge of the world, culteral interaction, clamed territories, established new trade routes

list the accomplishments

economic, political, religious

list the motivations

poor maps and navigational tools, fear of the unknown, lack of adequate supplies/ food, disease and starvation

list the obstacles

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