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  1. What is the shortest book of the entire bible?
  2. Who are the fathers of faith?
  3. What was the new name given to Jacob?
  4. What is the official public worship of the church?
  5. What is the only prophetic book not named for a person?
  1. a liturgy
  2. b 2 John
  3. c Isreal
  4. d lamentations
  5. e patriarchs

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  1. 9OO
  2. st paul
  3. Macabees
  4. romans
  5. john

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  1. Who are the 2 rare female historical figures?patriarchs


  2. What is the book of short sayings and lessons?proverbs


  3. What book means to call and assembly?ecclesiastes


  4. Who wrote the first gospel and is one of the original 12?st paul


  5. What 4 letter of the prophets are more lenghtly?major


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