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  1. Who was the follower of st paul and relied on other people for his gospel?
  2. Who wrote the first gospel and is one of the original 12?
  3. About how many hundred years did it take to form the old testament?
  4. What is the heart of scripture?
  5. What does exodus mean?
  1. a matthew
  2. b gospels
  3. c 9OO
  4. d mark
  5. e departure

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  1. Chronicles
  2. leviticus
  3. titus
  4. moses
  5. the end

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  1. What is revelation also called?Apocalpyse


  2. Who was a primary discipleof st paul?titus


  3. What is the new Temple after the victory of the macabees?hannukak


  4. What book means beginning?genisis


  5. Who relied on first hand knowledge for his gospel?Ruth