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  1. What tells us the story of the early church?
  2. Who was one of the original 12 (beloved apostle) and wrote his gospel around 90AD?
  3. Who is the fullfillment of gods promises?
  4. What 4 letter of the prophets are more lenghtly?
  5. Who was another disciple of st paul?
  1. a john
  2. b major
  3. c titus
  4. d Jesus
  5. e acts

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  1. exodus
  2. romans
  3. kerugma
  4. malachi
  5. in prision

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  1. Who were the early leaders of the Isrealites in the Promised Land?evangilist


  2. Whose preaching plays a role in the acts of apostles?st paul


  3. What does Revelation mean?the end


  4. Who took Moses' place after he died?Joshua


  5. 12 prophets of the old testament who recorded many breifer sayings, who are they?paul


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