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  1. what is an important translation of the old testament?
  2. What is the only prophetic book not named for a person?
  3. The first books of the new testament were whose letters?
  4. What was the first epistle?
  5. What is the literature related to the bible but not in the canon?
  1. a lamentations
  2. b apocryphal
  3. c paul
  4. d septuagent
  5. e romans

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  1. evangilist
  2. peter
  3. leviticus
  4. 2 John
  5. Jesus

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  1. Who is a distant FEMALE relative of Jesus?Ruth


  2. What is the book of short sayings and lessons?Obidiah


  3. What means universial?catholic


  4. What 4 letter of the prophets are more lenghtly?isaiah


  5. Who is credited as the author of the book of proverbs?moses