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  1. What is the literature related to the bible but not in the canon?
  2. The first books of the new testament were whose letters?
  3. What is the book of short sayings and lessons?
  4. Who took Moses' place after he died?
  5. How many wisdom books are there?
  1. a proverbs
  2. b apocryphal
  3. c Joshua
  4. d paul
  5. e 7

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  1. malachi
  2. letters
  3. departure
  4. in prision
  5. Macabees

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  1. What 4 letter of the prophets are more lenghtly?isaiah


  2. What is the shortest book of the Old Testament?Obidiah


  3. What are the four authors of the gospels known as?Obidiah


  4. What means universial?genisis


  5. Who was one of the original 12 (beloved apostle) and wrote his gospel around 90AD?evangilist