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  1. What is the longest prophetic book?
  2. What book of the bible means tribe of levi?
  3. What does Revelation mean?
  4. What is the only prophetic book not named for a person?
  5. What was the first epistle?
  1. a lamentations
  2. b romans
  3. c leviticus
  4. d isaiah
  5. e the end

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  1. torah
  2. apocryphal
  3. minor
  4. judith and esther
  5. evangilist

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  1. What does exodus mean?letters


  2. Who was a primary discipleof st paul?timothy


  3. What is the earliestknown writing in christianity?2 John


  4. What book in the pentatecu means 2nd law?the end


  5. Who wrote the first gospel and is one of the original 12?st paul