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  1. What is the only prophetic book not named for a person?
  2. What is the official public worship of the church?
  3. What book in the pentatecu means 2nd law?
  4. What is the earliestknown writing in christianity?
  5. What book of the pentateuch was named for a military leader who led the isrealites to the promised land?
  1. a didache
  2. b exodus
  3. c lamentations
  4. d Deuteronomy
  5. e liturgy

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  1. luke and the conversion of saint paul
  2. wisdom
  3. kerugma
  4. evangilist
  5. catholic

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  1. What is the heart of scripture?gospels


  2. Who took Moses' place after he died?the end


  3. Who was another disciple of st paul?titus


  4. How many wisdom books are there?job


  5. Who wrote the first 13 epistles?patriarchs