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  1. What does epistles mean?
  2. what is the system of systematic educationin the faith with the view of making people disciples of christ?
  3. What was the new name given to Jacob?
  4. Whose preaching plays a role in the acts of apostles?
  5. What is the name of the historical family that means hammer?
  1. a peter
  2. b Isreal
  3. c letters
  4. d Macabees
  5. e lathchesis

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  1. luke
  2. wisdom
  3. ecclesiastes
  4. sirach
  5. genisis

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  1. What is the earliestknown writing in christianity?Obidiah


  2. What 2 books retell the stories found in Samuel and Kings in a presitly perspective?Obidiah


  3. Who was a primary discipleof st paul?timothy


  4. Who are the 2 rare female historical figures?judith and esther


  5. What is revelation also called?Apocalpyse