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  1. What 2 books retell the stories found in Samuel and Kings in a presitly perspective?
  2. What book of the bible means tribe of levi?
  3. What is the shortest book of the Old Testament?
  4. what is an important translation of the old testament?
  5. Who took Moses' place after he died?
  1. a Chronicles
  2. b septuagent
  3. c leviticus
  4. d Joshua
  5. e Obidiah

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  1. psalms
  2. king solomon
  3. kerugma
  4. gospels
  5. matthew

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  1. What is the longest prophetic book?gospels


  2. What book in the pentatecu means 2nd law?leviticus


  3. Who are the 2 rare female historical figures?st paul


  4. What was the new name given to Jacob?Isreal


  5. What was the first epistle?st paul