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  1. 3 parts of a monomer
  2. what part of a cell converts nutrients from sugar into energy?
  3. 3 processes that would increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  4. what macromolecules control the reaction rate of photosynthesis?
  5. other type of nucleic acid (besides DNA)
  1. a cellular respiration, death decompositions, burning fossil fuels
  2. b RNA
  3. c sugar (deoxyribose), phosphate group and nitrogenous base
  4. d enzymes
  5. e mitochondria

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  1. monomers
  2. ribose
  3. DNA replication occurs during the S portion of interphase
  4. water is polar and therefore make an exellent solvent
  5. denser

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  1. how many nucleotides are needed to code for one amino acid?aerobic respiration. most parts of this process occur in the mitochondria


  2. organsisms that live in the intestines of cows dont need oxygen. how do they obtain energy?cellular respiration, death decompositions, burning fossil fuels


  3. if mitotic cell division is occuring in a single celled organism then its purpose isgrowth or repair of damaged tissue or replacement of worn out cells


  4. starch from food is a source of _____ for organisms. starch is a type of ______________energy


  5. what is not recycled through earths ecosystemsfrom the soil