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  1. proteins polymer
  2. why does the water strider sit on water surface and does not sink?
  3. ecological succession
  4. to what class of macromolecules do enzymes belong? and what is its monomer?
  5. where do producers get their energy
  1. a because water molecules are polar, the slightly negative oxygen of one water molecule will hyfrogen bond to the slightly positive hydrogen atom of another water molecule
  2. b amino acids
  3. c from the soil
  4. d proteins and the monomer is amino acids
  5. e ecological succession is the series of a predictable changes that occurs in a community over time

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  1. sugar (deoxyribose), phosphate group and nitrogenous base
  2. growth or repair of damaged tissue or replacement of worn out cells
  3. cellular respiration, death decompositions, burning fossil fuels
  4. enzymes
  5. causes surface tension and the water strider does not break the hydrogen bonds and therefore floats

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  1. process in which water moves across selectively permeable membraneosmosis


  2. lichenan alga and a fungus living together, the alga is photosynthetic and provides food, the fungus provides moisture and a home for the alga


  3. equation for aerobic cellular respirationC6H12O6 + 6O2
    ------- > 6CO2 +6 H2O + ATP


  4. what property of water makes it an ideal material for transporting necessary chemical substances?water is polar and therefore make an exellent solvent


  5. white oak trees make their own food. their cells contain structures that capture energy from the sun. what are these structures?chloroplasts