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  1. organsisms that live in the intestines of cows dont need oxygen. how do they obtain energy?
  2. what cell part is directly involved in transporting substances into or out of a cell?
  3. a polymer is made up of many
  4. cohesion
  5. what is not recycled through earths ecosystems
  1. a anaerobic respiration
  2. b the cell membrane
  3. c causes surface tension and the water strider does not break the hydrogen bonds and therefore floats
  4. d energy
  5. e monomers

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  1. denser
  2. DNA replication occurs during the S portion of interphase
  3. cellular respiration, death decompositions, burning fossil fuels
  4. gene
  5. sugar (deoxyribose), phosphate group and nitrogenous base

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  1. prokaryotevery simple celled organism with DNA in a nucleoid region. had DNA but isnt surrounded by nuclear membrane, lack membrane bound organelles


  2. why does the water strider sit on water surface and does not sink?because water molecules are polar, the slightly negative oxygen of one water molecule will hyfrogen bond to the slightly positive hydrogen atom of another water molecule


  3. RNA has ______ as its sugar instead of deoxyriboseribose


  4. what organelle is used directly to make proteins in all cells?ribosomes


  5. mitotic cell division occurs where?movement of water that goes from high concentration to low concentration and does not require the cell to use energy or ATP