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  1. what organelle is used directly to make proteins in all cells?
  2. to what class of macromolecules do enzymes belong? and what is its monomer?
  3. a portion of DNA that has the info to make one protein is called a:
  4. one process that would decrease carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  5. mitotic cell division occurs where?
  1. a proteins and the monomer is amino acids
  2. b in the nucleous of the cell
  3. c gene
  4. d photosynthesis
  5. e ribosomes

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  1. monomers
  2. amino acids
  3. anaerobic respiration
  4. very simple celled organism with DNA in a nucleoid region. had DNA but isnt surrounded by nuclear membrane, lack membrane bound organelles
  5. they are the major structural component of cell membranes

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  1. humans require oxygen and get their energy from:from the soil


  2. what is osmosis?amino acids


  3. where do producers get their energywhen a error happens in base pair substitution, change in base pair sequence


  4. lichencauses surface tension and the water strider does not break the hydrogen bonds and therefore floats


  5. if mitotic cell division is occuring in a multicellular organism then the purpose of the process is for:asexual reproduction