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  1. white oak trees make their own food. their cells contain structures that capture energy from the sun. what are these structures?
  2. why does the water strider sit on water surface and does not sink?
  3. proteins polymer
  4. 3 processes that would increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  5. gene mutation
  1. a chloroplasts
  2. b amino acids
  3. c cellular respiration, death decompositions, burning fossil fuels
  4. d when a error happens in base pair substitution, change in base pair sequence
  5. e because water molecules are polar, the slightly negative oxygen of one water molecule will hyfrogen bond to the slightly positive hydrogen atom of another water molecule

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  1. asexual reproduction
  2. proteins and the monomer is amino acids
  3. chloroplasts, cell wall (made of cellulose) and the large central vacuole
  4. gene
  5. mitotic cell division

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  1. if mitotic cell division is occuring in a multicellular organism then the purpose of the process is for:asexual reproduction


  2. one process that would decrease carbon dioxide in the atmospherephotosynthesis


  3. mitotic cell division occurs where?ecological succession is the series of a predictable changes that occurs in a community over time


  4. what is the major role of lipids within a cell?nucleotides


  5. other type of nucleic acid (besides DNA)from the soil