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  1. what property of water makes it an ideal material for transporting necessary chemical substances?
  2. a polymer is made up of many
  3. frostbite
  4. cohesion
  5. a scientist is trying to develop treatment to stop cancer cells from dividing, the name of the process that will stop if the treatment
  1. a monomers
  2. b water is polar and therefore make an exellent solvent
  3. c causes surface tension and the water strider does not break the hydrogen bonds and therefore floats
  4. d mitotic cell division
  5. e when cells freeze and burst, water is unusual beacsue the solid form is less dense than the liquid form, when water freezes it expands and ruptures the cell membrane, killing the cell

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  1. in the nucleous of the cell
  2. nucleotides
  3. C6H12O6 + 6O2
    ------- > 6CO2 +6 H2O + ATP
  4. gene
  5. ribose

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  1. what cell part is directly involved in transporting substances into or out of a cell?the cell membrane


  2. 3 cell structures that are found in plant cells but not in animal cells?cellulose (which is refered to as a dietary fiber, cant be digested by humans for energy, important part of diet)


  3. what part of a cell converts nutrients from sugar into energy?mitochondria


  4. one process that would decrease carbon dioxide in the atmospherecellular respiration, death decompositions, burning fossil fuels


  5. prokaryotevery simple celled organism with DNA in a nucleoid region. had DNA but isnt surrounded by nuclear membrane, lack membrane bound organelles


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