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  1. cardiac muscle tissues
  2. digital subtraction angiography
  3. men localizing of the brain
  4. cervical
  5. Viscera
  1. a moves the RBC
  2. b internal organs contained in body cavities; this is the heart, lungs, liver. These do NOT have voluntary control
  3. c neck
  4. d men localized their brain function more than women. In women, it is more distributed through out the entire brain
  5. e this type of process is able to tell the blood flow in the brain.

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  1. back of hand
  2. efferent
  3. referring language and abstract thinking; development of language leads to abstract thinking and causes us to use objects differently
  4. blood vessel
  5. connective, muscle, epithelial, nervous

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  1. what is present in the NFS of homeostasissteadies the state of parameters in the internal environment; this balance allows all cells to survive in the internal environment


  2. too much carbon dioxide in the bodycarbonic acid increases


  3. functional unitrepeating unit but does different things


  4. SomaSURFACE of the body; skeletal muscles, body wall, limbs, abdominal and back muscles


  5. endocrine systemreplaces nutrients and electrolytes