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  1. connective tissue
  2. cranial cavity
  3. what is present in the NFS of homeostasis
  4. longitudinal section
  5. transverse view
  1. a cranial and caudal views; from cross section
  2. b contains the brain
  3. c cut from top to bottom; you are left with a front/back or left/right
  4. d stimulus> receptor> afferent pathway> integration> efferent pathway> effector site.
  5. e stroma; supports cells; holds epithelial

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  1. change in function
  2. survival of the species. The aim of this system is NOT to balance
  3. moves things
  4. pericardial cavity, pleural cavity, mediastinal cavity
  5. cutting sideways; left with a top and bottom

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  1. if a patient is burnedthe difference in density is associated with different activity


  2. men localizing of the brainmen localized their brain function more than women. In women, it is more distributed through out the entire brain


  3. controlthis is present at every level of structure and function


  4. respiratory systemgets rid of too much fluids or electrolytes


  5. thoracichead