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  1. transverse view
  2. positive feed back systems
  3. vertebral cavity
  4. dorsal cavity
  5. tests done regarding metabolism
  1. a are non homeostatic
  2. b cranial and caudal views; from cross section
  3. c contains cranial and vetebral cavity
  4. d contains the spinal cord
  5. e Pet scan, thermography

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  1. stimulus> receptor> afferent pathway> integration> efferent pathway> effector site.
  2. bladder, rectum, reproductive organs
  3. there are 200 cell types classified into 4 groups and tissue types
  4. atoms, molecules and cells(which are the smallest)
  5. integration and communication and control; this system tells other organs what to do

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  1. peritoneal cavitythis is the abdominopelvic cavity


  2. developmental changes in life span over timemen localized their brain function more than women. In women, it is more distributed through out the entire brain


  3. endocrine systemefferent; chemical traveling to blood stream


  4. physiologywrinking: this is caused by collegen and elastin


  5. genomeformed from different organs