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  1. mammary
  2. saggital view
  3. Ventral axial
  4. neurological is
  5. anatomy
  1. a structure; the body's relationship to others
  2. b breast
  3. c efferent
  4. d cephalic, cervical, thoracic, mammary, abdominal
  5. e from longitudinal; left and right views

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  1. this is a test to detect breast cancer. It looks at the different heat production throughout the body
  2. atoms, molecules and cells(which are the smallest)
  3. this lines up all molecules in term of a magnet
  4. wrapping closest to the wall of the body/ surface
  5. wrinking: this is caused by collegen and elastin

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  1. dorsal(upper extremity)back of hand


  2. thoracicchest


  3. oblique sectioncut at an angle


  4. digestive systemdefense system


  5. longitudinal sectioncontains the esophagus in a separate cavity and in the middle