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  1. if a patient is burned
  2. frontal(coronal) plane
  3. lining of cavities
  4. anatomy and physiology both
  5. organs are:
  1. a they die because they have no integumentary system and there is no longer a separation of internal and external body
  2. b distinguish humans from other animals(like apes)
  3. c functional units; they are made of units that do a specific job
  4. d visceral and parietal; they stick together because of the serous fluid
  5. e anterior and posterior views

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  1. contains cranial and vetebral cavity
  2. efferent
  3. point of the shoulder
  4. cephalic, cervical, thoracic, mammary, abdominal
  5. chemical and physical properties; cannot think without chemical and physical reactions in the brain

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  1. digital subtraction angiographythis is a test to detect breast cancer. It looks at the different heat production throughout the body


  2. cardiac muscle tissuescreates a barrier and secretes(skin barrier of cells inside mouth to protect)


  3. X raysSURFACE of the body; skeletal muscles, body wall, limbs, abdominal and back muscles


  4. cephalichead


  5. change in structure causes a:change in function


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