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  1. thermography
  2. cardiac muscle tissues
  3. anatomy and physiology both
  4. vertebral cavity
  5. cervical
  1. a contains the spinal cord
  2. b moves the RBC
  3. c neck
  4. d this is a test to detect breast cancer. It looks at the different heat production throughout the body
  5. e distinguish humans from other animals(like apes)

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  1. breast
  2. back of hand
  3. functional units; they are made of units that do a specific job
  4. heel
  5. moves things

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  1. Pet scanshigh energy of ultraviolet light will be shot at a part of the body; also called a RADIOGRAPH; radio opaque dyes will outline the tissues and reveals the tubes


  2. olecranalpoint of the shoulder


  3. pubic region containswrapping closest to the wall of the body/ surface


  4. dorsal cavitycontains cranial and vetebral cavity


  5. sophisticated brainreferring language and abstract thinking; development of language leads to abstract thinking and causes us to use objects differently