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  1. nervous system
  2. dorsal cavity
  3. muscular system
  4. cervical
  5. reproduction system
  1. a integration and communication and control; this system tells other organs what to do
  2. b contains cranial and vetebral cavity
  3. c survival of the species. The aim of this system is NOT to balance
  4. d contracts(look up)
  5. e neck

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  1. this is present at every level of structure and function
  2. back of hand
  3. when you have LESS surface area you have LESS insulation
  4. back of elbow
  5. moves things

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  1. skeletal systemthis is the system responsible for support and protection; place of attachment for muscles and allows you to move your bones and internal organs


  2. integumentary systemresponsible for maintaining gases(oxygen, CO2 and hydrogen ions) and responsible for acid base balance


  3. Ventral axialcephalic, cervical, thoracic, mammary, abdominal


  4. anatomyformed from different organs


  5. sophisticated brainreferring language and abstract thinking; development of language leads to abstract thinking and causes us to use objects differently