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  1. skeletal system
  2. thumb and tool making
  3. reproduction system
  4. urinary system
  5. organism
  1. a formed from organ systems
  2. b gets rid of too much fluids or electrolytes
  3. c this is the system responsible for support and protection; place of attachment for muscles and allows you to move your bones and internal organs
  4. d survival of the species. The aim of this system is NOT to balance
  5. e separation of thumb from the other fingers; allows humans to have more manipulation with our hands

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  1. contains the esophagus in a separate cavity and in the middle
  2. integration and communication and control; this system tells other organs what to do
  3. formed from different organs
  4. the blueprint for control(cellular control)
  5. contains cranial and vetebral cavity

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  1. connective tissuecreates a barrier and secretes(skin barrier of cells inside mouth to protect)


  2. parenchymathe blueprint for control(cellular control)


  3. structure related to surface areacontracts and allows bones to move through environment; allows and prevents movement by contracting and reacting


  4. pubic region containswrapping closest to the wall of the body/ surface


  5. respiratory systemresponsible for maintaining gases(oxygen, CO2 and hydrogen ions) and responsible for acid base balance


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