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  1. Pet scans
  2. cephalic
  3. aging
  4. epithelial tissue
  5. thinking could be dependent on:
  1. a chemical and physical properties; cannot think without chemical and physical reactions in the brain
  2. b creates a barrier and secretes(skin barrier of cells inside mouth to protect)
  3. c wrinking: this is caused by collegen and elastin
  4. d this gives a radioactive substrate. In this test, you examine which areas are using the substrate that was give. This is able to show dead cells, because if they are not using the substrate, that is the clue to them being dead cells.
  5. e head

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  1. are non homeostatic
  2. skin; separates internal and external body; regulation of temperature
  3. from longitudinal; left and right views
  4. integration and communication and control; this system tells other organs what to do
  5. secrete chemicals and sends electrical signals

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  1. organismformed from organ systems


  2. pleural cavitycontains cranial and vetebral cavity


  3. digital subtraction angiographybladder, rectum, reproductive organs


  4. thermographythis is a test to detect breast cancer. It looks at the different heat production throughout the body


  5. suralSURFACE of the body; skeletal muscles, body wall, limbs, abdominal and back muscles