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  1. CoL Digestion
  2. CoL Assimilation
  3. Metabolism can
  4. Positive feedback
  5. Cranial
  1. a breakdown of food into simpler substances that can be used by the body
  2. b head
  3. c when the body is stimulated to get further AWAY from the set point on purpose.
  4. d affect and be affected by all functions of the body such as heart rate, breathing, etc.
  5. e changing absorbed substances into chemically different forms.

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  1. appendicular and axial portions
  2. change in position of the body or a body part; motion of an organ.
  3. cranial cavity and vertebral canal
  4. passage of substances through membranes and into body fluids.
  5. reaction to change inside or outside the body.

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  1. RoO Oxygenreleases energy from food


  2. CoL Growthenergy; byproduct of metabolic


  3. RoO Pressurenutrients, energy, building blocks


  4. Appendicular portionhead, neck, and trunk...which includes a dorsal and ventral cavity


  5. Effectorsreceive info about the conditions of the internal environment.


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