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  1. CoL Excretion
  2. Two types of feedback
  3. Homeostasis
  4. CoL Reproduction
  5. The body can be divided into
  1. a removal of wastes
  2. b appendicular and axial portions
  3. c making new organisms and/or new cells.
  4. d Negative and positive feedback
  5. e maintaining a stable internal environment even if external environment changes

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  1. spine
  2. a force applied to something; atmospheric pressure; hydrostatic pressure.
  3. cavities, membranes, and organ systems.
  4. when correcting the problem brings the value back to normal, and the action of effectors gradually shut down.
  5. passage of substances through membranes and into body fluids.

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  1. Ventralfront


  2. CoL Respirationpassage of substances through membranes and into body fluids.


  3. Effectorsmake responses that alter conditions in the internal environment to push it towards the set point


  4. Characteristics of Life Movementchange in position of the body or a body part; motion of an organ.


  5. Physiologyback