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  1. CoL Digestion
  2. Two types of feedback
  3. Thoracic
  4. Physiology
  5. Mediastinum
  1. a divides the thorax into right and left halves
  2. b breakdown of food into simpler substances that can be used by the body
  3. c Study of functions of the body parts. What they do and how they do it.
  4. d chest
  5. e Negative and positive feedback

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  1. head, neck, and trunk...which includes a dorsal and ventral cavity
  2. making new organisms and/or new cells.
  3. organs within the dorsal and ventral cavity
  4. affect and be affected by all functions of the body such as heart rate, breathing, etc.
  5. maintaining a stable internal environment even if external environment changes

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  1. Major featuresreceive info about the conditions of the internal environment.


  2. Requirements of Organisms Waterenergy; byproduct of metabolic


  3. Vertebralspine


  4. RoO Heatnutrients, energy, building blocks


  5. Effectorsreceive info about the conditions of the internal environment.