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Who was the first emperor? What was his empire?

Sargon of the Akkadian Empire

Why was Hammurabi's code important?

It was one of the first written codes of law; it established the idea that everyone should follow the law

Why were the Assyrians feared in the fertile crescent?

They were extremely cruel

Who conquered the Assyrians?

The Medes and Chaldeans

What empire ruled in the fertile crescent after the Assyrian Empire?

The New Babylonian Empire

What were the two greatest accomplishments of the New Babylonian Empire?

Ishtar Gate & the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Cyrus the Great

Founder of the Persian Empire

Why was Cyrus the Great accepted more than previous emperors?

Cyrus the Great had a policy of toleration (accepting other cultures)

What were the reforms of Darius?

Divided the empire into provinces and put satraps (governors) in charge of each province

What did Darius create to help transportation in the Persian Empire?

The Royal Road

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