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  1. thread like structures fond in the nucleus of a cell, it is a single piece of DNA that contain many genes, humans have 23 pairs
  2. the physical feature resulting from a genotype
  3. a nucleic acid that stores and transmits genetic information from generation to generation. has a double helix structure
  4. gene combination involving 2 dominant or 2 recessive genes. also called pure
  5. gene that shows up less often in a cross ; represented by a lower case letter

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  1. dominantstronger or two genes expressed in the hybrid ; represented by a capitol letter


  2. geneticsstudy of heredity


  3. inherited traittrait or characteristic that is determined by the organisms DNA and was inherited by their parents


  4. acquired traittrait or characteristic that an organism received over their lifetime


  5. genotypecombination for a trait