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n. Heavy material used to make a ship steady or control the rising and falling of a vessel like a balloon


adj. 1. Able to float
2. Cheerful and carefree


v. To climb awkwardly


v. To separate from


adj. Causing uneasiness; strange or mysterious


n. A length of six feet, used in measuring the depth of water
v. To figure out; to understand


v. To arouse or excite
n. A feeling of resentment caused by being ignored, insulted, etc.


v. 1. To poke or prod
2. To examine closely
n. 1. A long, slender instrument used to examine a wound or part in the body
2. A thorough investigation


v. 1. To be aware of
2. To bring into being; to make happen


v. To split or break
n. 1. A breaking or tearing apart by force
2. The breaking of a friendly relationship


n. 1. An object with all points on its surface equally distant from its center; a ball or globe
2. An area of power, influence, or activity


v. 1. To go underwater
2. To put underwater or cover with water


adj. Seeming to go on for a long time; boring


adj. 1. Final
2. The greatest possible; maximum
n. Something that is the greatest; the maximum


adj. Completely unharmed

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