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Agent of erosion and weathering

wind, water, ice, and waves are the forces that cause weathering and erosion


The breaking up of earth materials into smaller pieces and wearing away of rock.


The movement of weathered sediments by water, wind, or ice.


The process where sediment eroded by wind, water, or ice is dropped in a new place.


soil which is deposited at the mouth of a river, usually in a triangular shape.


a valley between steep cliff sides formed by running water, such as a river or stream

Sand Dune

a hill of sand created by the wind


Grooves of scratches found in surface rock that are the result of glacial abrasion


A large mass of slowly moving ice and snow that carves new features and deposits sediments


A natural geographic structure on Earth's surface.


Evidence of ancient past life, such as petrified wood, dinosaur


a scientist (paleontologist) who studies ancient life using fossils


Million of Years Ago


before recorded history


death of an entire species.

Mass Extinction

Extinction on a large scale, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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