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  1. Paris & Greater France, 18th - 19th c.
  2. Renaissance artists
  3. Monet
  4. Jeffersonian Architecture
  5. Egypt
  1. a Early/Bronze Age, Late 7th to early 5th c. BCE,
  2. b DaVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael
  3. c Enlightenment period (progress v. religion); Neoclasm (Greek influenced; no violence, plain, serious, theatrical)
  4. d Leader of Avantgarde - forward-thinking, controversial, against the norm; France; most important impressionism artist; emphasis on brishstrokes;
  5. e Greek architecture influence

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  1. feeling over facts; heightened state of emotion
  2. Renaissance (rebirth); High Ren 1490-1530; humanism; heaven down to earth; art patrons (Medici); Uffizi Gallery priv collection
  3. Pantheon, Christianity is cult; decorative
  4. Paris, 19th c.; Henri Matisse; bright colors/no rules/paint anything in any color
  5. influenced realism; threat to painting

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  1. Surrealism20th c. Paris; concepts of motion & speed


  2. Post Impressionism artistsSeurat (pointillism); Cezanne (solid planes of color squares); Van Gogh


  3. 1st Landscapes18th - 19th c.; Oil paint in tubes 1841; allowed portability; Hudson River School (band of people w/ same philosophies)


  4. Futurism20th c. Paris; concepts of motion & speed


  5. Italy primary citiesflorence, italy, rome