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Pharm 104 Respiatory

Nasal Cavity

Warms and humidifies air. Also traps particles to prevent them from inhalation


Air-filled spaces in the cranial bones. Reduce the weight of the skull.


Passageway for food and air.


Lid like cartilaginous structure overhanging the entrance to the larynx


Air passageway containing the vocal cords.


Windpipe, consists of a membranous tube.

Bronchial Tree

Lung part that branches off the trachea and then branches into bronchioles.


Clusteres of air sacs, basic unit of the lung. Capillaries surround each alveolus, which is composed of a single layer of epithelium


Composed of two membranes. One covers and is attached to the chest wall and the other covers and is attached to the lung.


A large dome of skeleta muscle. Takes in breath, muscles contract, moving the ribcage up and out.

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