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12 terms

spanish vocab 4.2 phrases

Está para chuparse los dedos
It's good enough to lick your fingers
Está pasada la leche
The milk has gone bad
Al...le falta sabor pero no sé qué le falta
the...lacks flavor, but i don't know what's missing
¡Qué asco!
That's disgusting
Sabe delicioso
it tastes delicious
Se me hace la boca agua
it makes my mouth water
Es que se me acaboó
It's just that i ran out of...
Se me fue la mano con....
i got carried away with....
es que se me olvidó ponerle....
Its just that I forgot to add....
El/ sabe a nada
The...doesnt taste like anything
.....está salado/picante salty/spicy
....está seco/ no está muy dulce dry/isn't very sweet