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why did the European powers favor a civil war in the United States?

because war would weaken the United States' power in the Western Hemisphere

Lincoln's decision on the Fort Sumter situation can best be described as...


Many Northerners were willing to allow southern States to leave the Union until...

the South attacked Fort Sumter

During the Civil War, Britain and the United States were nearly provoked into war by...

the Trent affair, involving the removal of Southern diplomats from a British ship

The Confederacy's most effective commerce-raider was the....


As a result of the Civil War, the Northern economy...

emerged more prosperous than ever before

What was the result of the Union establishment of the National Banking System?

it was the first significant step toward a unified banking network since 1836

Why did Jefferson Davis not have the arbitrary power wielded by Abraham Lincoln?

because of the South's emphasis on states' rights

Why did France abandon its attempt to control Mexico?

because the United States threatened to send soldiers to force France to leave

Why were Lincoln's governing problems less than those of Davis?

because the North had a long established and fully recognized government

The greatest weakness of the South during the Civil War was it's...

its economy

The North's greatest strength in the Civil War was it's...

its economy

In order to persuade the Border states to remain in the Union, President Lincoln...

declared martial law where needed

During the Civil War, women in the North...

had new opportunities opened to them in industry

At the beginning of the Civil War, Lincoln favored...

quick military action to show the folly of secession

Lincoln hoped that a Union victory at Bull Run would...

lead to the capture of the Confederate capital at Richmond

Arrange in chronological order: Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Gettysburg, Lee's Surrender at Appomattox, Battle Antietem


The South's victory at Bull Run reduced...

reduced enlistments in the South's army

George B. McClellan is best described as...


After assuming command of the Army of Potomac, McClellan made the mistake of...

consistently believing that the enemy outnumbered him

The long term effect of Lincoln's assassination on the South was...

it was a calamity on the south?

General Ulysses S. Grant's strategy in the Civil War involved...

assailing the enemy's armies simultaneously and directly

Democratic Nominee for the 1864 Presidential election...

George McClellan to oppose Lincoln's reelection

Clement L. Vallandigham

a Southern sympathizer and vocal opponent of the war, was derisively labeled a Copperhead.

One consequence of General William T. Sherman's style of warfare was...

a shorter war that saved lives

The Union victory at Vicksburg was of major importance because...

it reopened the Mississippi River to Northern trade; coupled with the victory at Gettysburg, foreign help for the Confederacy was irretrievably lost; it helped to quell Northern peace agitation; and it cut off the supply of cattle and other goods from Texas and Louisiana.

the Battle of Gettysburg was significant because...

union victory meant that the Southern cause was doomed

The Emancipation Proclamation had the effect of...

strengthening the moral cause and diplomatic position of the Union

Slavery was legally abolished in the United States by the ...

Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution

The Battle of Antietem was particularly critical because it...

probably prevented intervention by Britain and France on behalf of the confederacy

Union Strategy after the Peninsula campaign...

cutting the Confederacy in half; marching through Georgia and then the Carolinas; blockading the confederacy's coastline; and liberating the slaves

what concept of war did the Union adopt after the Peninsula?

total war

What happened to McClellan after Antietem?

he was removed from his field of command

the two major battles of the Civil War fought on Union soil were...

Gettysburg and Antietem

the four components of final Union victory....

a naval blockade; undermining the Confederate economy; seizing control of the Mississippi River; and capturing Richmond.

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