Religion 8 Morality Ch. 1

Some of our ________ may affect us and our dreams for happiness in life.
this time in your life can be scary and confusing because of all the ________ and ______ in the world.
violence, hatred
Decisions about _____ are very important
our lives
According to the text what is the feeling that is the hardest one to deal with in life?
Our choices can make the difference btwn _______ and ________ in life.
success, failure
What are the eight important areas where good decision making is imperative in one's life?
money, school, parents, drugs, friends, sports, alcohol, sexuality
Catholics turn to _____and the _____ because _____ help us make the best possible choices.
Jesus, church, faith
Why were ppl drawn to Christ and want to be with him?
He was a good person, and had a life lived well
Being with Jesus taught people that _____________________.
where there is goodness, there is life
In order to be truly human, a person must be ______.
Morality gives us _________ and helps us understand what true _________ is.
Morality is learning how to be the _____ God created us to be.
How are our lives like a block of marble?
they are delicate, something beautiful inside of us.
A good person knows that life is a gift, _________, and is determined _________.
sees its beauty, not to waste it
The whole point of living a moral life is to be _____.
happy :)
Because we are made in God's image, our true happiness can only be found in ________________.
choosing to fulfill Gods plan for us
To grow in Gods image and likeness we must tell the ______, live ______, and develop our _________ and keep our _______.
truth, justly, consequences, promises
Is morality an option?
NO, Absolute Requirement!
Natural law
natural sense of knowing good and evil
How does immoral behavior always backfire in the end?
leaves us sad, confused, and diminished
What is the aim of morality?
helps us understand how to live a good life
The teaching authority of the Church is important in moral questions because people ___ and misunderstand and misinterpret the natural law.
The call to be moral comes from _____ and we hear it in our _____.
God, hearts
Neither ______ not _____ is easy to learn but both bring us happiness and make us like God.
goodness, love
What 3 messages does God himself give through scripture?
1) We were created in his image
2) we were called to be his people
3) his law has been written in our hearts
what does Benevolence mean?
wishing someone well and working on what is best for him/her.
What is the greatest proof of God's benevolence to us?
he offers each of us a share in his own devinelife
Grace is the gift of __________.
Gods life
The greatest sign of Gods friendship is___________.
How does Jesus share in our world today?
1) gives us church to guide us
2) enters our world and shares our lives through sacraments ( Eucharist)
What must you do to gain eternal life?