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  1. area postrema
  2. Hemodynamic response function (HRF)
  3. benzodiazepine
  4. adenosine
  5. ecstacy (MDMA)
  1. a changes in the BOLD signal over time.
  2. b a major tranquilizer that acts as a GABA agonist
  3. c a clost relative of amphetamine that produces its behavioral effects by stimulating the release of serotonin
  4. d a brainstem area, in which the blood brain barier barrier is more permeable, that triggers vomitting in response to the detection of circulation toxins
  5. e a byproduct of adenosine trisphosphate that functions as a neurotransmitter

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  1. measures of the spatial configuration of different types of tissue in the brain (principally CT and MRI)
  2. excitatory amino acid neurotransmitter
  3. a neurotransmitter implicated in motor control, reward and psychosis.
  4. substance that reduces the action of a neurotransmitter
  5. perceived benefit from inactive substances or procedures

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  1. nicotinic receptora postsynaptic receptor that responds to both ACh and muscarine


  2. L-dopaBlood oxygen-level-dependent contrast; the signal measured in fMRI that relates to the concentration of deoxyhemoglobin in the blood


  3. tolerancethe process in which more of a drug is needed to produce the same effect


  4. nucleus accumbensa dopaminergic structure believed to participate in reward and addiction


  5. BOLDa substance produced during during the synthesis of catecholamines that is also administered as a treatment for Parkinsno's Disease