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  1. tolerance
  2. monoamine oxidase
  3. placebo effect
  4. voxel-based morphometry (VBM)
  5. reserpine
  1. a the process in which more of a drug is needed to produce the same effect
  2. b perceived benefit from inactive substances or procedures
  3. c an enzyme that breaks down monoamines
  4. d a substane that is derived from a plant that depletes supplies of monoamines by interfering with the uptake of monoamines into synaptic vesicles; used to treat high blood pressure but often produces depression
  5. e a technique for segregating and measuring differences in white matter and gray matter concentration

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  1. a variation of amphetamine that is cheaply produced and widely abused in the US
  2. a peptide that acts as a neurotransmitter, a neuromodulator, or a neurohormone
  3. a chemical messenger that communicates with target cells at great distance, often by travelling through the circulation.
  4. a byproduct of adenosine trisphosphate that functions as a neurotransmitter
  5. a compound extracted from opium, used to treat pain

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  1. nicotinea compound extracted from opium, used to treat pain


  2. acetylchoilnesterasean enzyme that breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcoline


  3. double-blind experimenta research design in which neither the participant nor the experimenter knows whether the participant is receiving a drug or a placebo until after the research is concluded


  4. nitric oxdie (NO)a major small-molecule neurotransmitter used at the neuromusculus junction, in the autonomic nervous system, and in the CNS.


  5. amino acidpart of the biogenic amine neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonine