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changer du vêtements

tp change clothes

enlever (du vêtements)

to take off (a piece of clothing)

essayer (du vêtements)

to try (a piece of clothing)

être mal/bien habillé(e)

to be poorly/badly dressed

s'habiller/se deshabiller

to get dressed/to get undressed

mettre un vêtement

to put on a piece of clothing


to press, push (a key)


to plug in


to click

se connecter/se brancher à l'Internet

to connect to the internet


to move (something)


to erace


to take out

faire marcher

to make something work


to format

être dans l'informatique

to be in the computer field

programmer les menus

to program (create) menus


to save


to backspace

télécharger un message/un dossier

to download a message/a file


to zap, or to change between channels or sites

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