Audio Basics


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Audio mixer
a piece of equipment that takes the sounds from a variety of sources such as mics a cd player or tape player and combines them into a single sound signal that is sent to the recorder
automatic gain control
a circuit found on most consumer video cameras that controls the audio level during the recording process.
background sound
the noise that is normally associated with a particular location
a pole carrying an overhead microphone projected over a film or tv set
boundary mic
A microphone used to pick up a sound on a stage or in a large room and is most commonly a condenser type. Works on the principle that sound is reflected off hard surfaces and are usually placed on a table, floor, or wall.
Cardiod mic
directional microphone
condenser mic
a type of mic that requires an external power supply to operate.
F: contractions flatten out the usually convex strcuture of the diaphragm, this increases the volume of the thoacic cavity
In: phrenic nerve
directional mic
Another name for a cardioid mic
dynamic mic
A very rugged, virtually indestructible type of mic that has good sound reproduction ability.
electret condenser mic
A static polarizing charge has been permanently created between the mic's diaphragm and its back-plate. No external source is needed to power the diaphragm. Uses a phantom power source.
response to an inquiry or experiment
fishpole boom
a boom mic that closely looks like a fishing-pole
generating element
A thin surface inside the mic which vibrates when hit by sound waves in the air. The vibration moves tiny wire back and forth through a magnetic field creating an electrical sign. Also called a diaphragm.
hand-held mic
A mic that is designed to be held in the hand,rather than placed on the boom or clipped on clothing.
high impedance
A type of mic that is typically inexpensive low-quality and cannot tolerate cable length longer than 8'
hypercardioid mic
A directional mic with a narrower and longer pick-up pattern that a cardioid mic.
lapel mic
The smallest type of mic that can be worn by talent and is attached to clothing at or near the breastbone with a small clip or pin.
lav mic
Clip on mics
line level
The level of audio between pieces of audio equipment. For example, the level of audio going from the output of a CD player to the input on an amplifier.
low impedance
a type of mic that is costly, high-quality, and can tolerate long cable length
mic level
the level of audio that comes from a microphone
mic mixer
A piece of equipment that combines only the microphone signals into a single sound signal.
device for converting sound waves into electrical energy
natural sound
the sound present in a room, or at a location before human occupation
off-camera narration
program narration provided by talent that is not seen on camera
omni-directional mic
a mic with a pick-up pattern that captures sound from nearly every direction equally well.
on-camera narration
program narration provided by on screen talent
parabolic reflector mic
A very sensitive mic that looks like a satellite dish with handles and is designed to pick up sounds at a distance.
pick-up pattern
a term that describes how well a mic hears sounds from various directions.
pop filter
a barrier made of shaped wire covered with a piece of nylon that is placed between a sensitive mic and the talent to avoid damage to the diaphragm of the mic
a resistor with three terminals, the third being an adjustable center terminal
power level
The audio level from the output on an amplifier to the speaker.
ribbon mic
The most sensitive type of mic, primarily used in music recording studios. A thin ribbon of metal surrounded by a magnetic field serves as the generating element.
room tone
the sound present in a room, or at a location before human occupation.
shotgun mic
a directional mic with an extremely narrow pick up pattern
stick mic
Physical shape of a mic -- looks like a stick.
supercardioid mic
A directional mic with a narrower pick-up pattern that a hypercardioid mic.
uni-directional mic
sensitive to sounds from only one direction
Talent who provides program narration but is not seen by the viewer.
voice track
a pre-recorded voice of a radio personality or DJ that is recorded and stored in a computer to be played at a specific time in a pre-programmed sequence such as at the beginning or end of a song.
VU meter
Displays the audio signal level
wireless mic
a mic that uses a short cable to connect the mic to a tranmitter with an antenna, or the transmitter may be built into the mic itself. the transmitter wirelessly sends the signal to the receiver, which sends the mic signal through a cable to the recorder