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b12 is closely related to what other vitamin

regeneration of amnio acid methionine; sythesis of dna and rna

what does b12 and folate do

maintains sheath around nerve fibers (promotes normal growth)

what does b12 do

metabolism and bone activity

what depends on b12

hydrochoric acid and pepsin in stomach

wehre does b12 come from

attched to intrinsic factro that then goes to receptors in small intestine and then to blood stream

how is b12 absorbed

enterohepatic circulation route (secreted into bile and then to intestien for reabsorption)

waht route does b12 follow for REabsoprtion

2.4 ug

what is rda for adults in b12

not ABSORBED properly

what does b12 deficiency reflect

lack of hydrochlric acid or lack of intrinsic factor

what does inadequate absorption of b12 show

atrophic Gastritis or pernicious anemia

definciency disorders with b12

common condition in ppl over 50: damages cells of stomach

what is atrophic gastritis

vitamin b12 deficiency caused by atrophic gastritis and lack of intrinsic factor

what is pernicious anemia

yes. vitamin b12 must then be injected directly to blod stream

can people inherit defective gene for intrinsic factor dealing with b12

nasal spray

best way to give b12 to body

began diets

where does a prolonged inadequate inake occur

years and years

how long does it take vegans to develop deficiency

anemia of folate deficiency (vitamin b12 requred to convert folate from inactive to acive form); impairs performance on tests; short term memory; spatial ability

definciency symptoms of b12

exclusively derived from animals

b12 is different from other b vitamins how so?

meats and eggs

to protect from b12 definciency

soy milk or b12 supplements

if vegan can get b12 from

yeast, sea algae, fermented soy products

what doesnt contain active b12

microwave heating

what destroys b12

use oven or stovetop

how do you preseve b12

2.4 ug/day

b12 rda for adults


other name for b12

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