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attractive to the human senses


working for one's self


grouping plants on the basis of their water needs

Landscape architect

a licensed professional who practices landscape planning, usually on a scale larger than residential properties

Landscape contractor

a professional who carries out the installation of landscapes

Landscape designer

a professional who devotes all or part of a work day to the design of landscapes

Landscape industry

a service based industry which serves by fabricating environments where people can live, work, play, or just pass time; these environments are primarily outdoors or in interior settings that seek to suggest outdoors

Landscape management

the extended care of existing landscapes, usually under terms of a contract


a profession involving the design, installation, and maintenance of the outdoor human living environment


any place where plants, shrubs, or trees are grown either for transplanting or grafting stocks; a group of young plants or trees in a plantation

Nursery industry

a service based industry which serves by providing plants, materials, and supplies for businesses and/or individuals

Nursery/Landscaping CDE

an FFA Career Development Event that allows for competition in the different aspects of Nursery/Landscaping

Ornamental horticulture

the practice of using plants and other materials for decorative purposes


working for someone else


an FFA award for students conducting an SAE


techniques of landscaping that conserve water

What is the major benefit of xeriscaping?

conserves water

What is the purpose of landscaping?

mostly aesthetic

What is the name of the career development event that is most closely related to Nursery/Landscaping?


One of the benefits of xeriscaping is for proper planning and design. This deals mostly with what?

water zones

One of the benefits of xeriscaping is for proper soil analysis. This deals mostly with what?

provide the plants with a soil environment that will allow them to send their roots deep into the earth

One of the benefits of xeriscaping is for appropriate plant selection. This deals mostly with what?

Plants being chosen for their suitability and adaptability to the site

One of the benefits of xeriscaping is for practical turf areas. How should turf be used?

should be used where it is the functional plant of choice and where an alternative non-living surface is inappropriate

One of the benefits of xeriscaping is for efficient irrigation. This deals mostly with what?

not wasting water

One of the benefits of xeriscaping is for mulching. How is this a benefit?

water retention

What is a benefit of xeriscaping, but also a benefit of any type of landscaping?

appropriate maintenance

What is a propagator's job?

supervises crews directly involved in producing new plants from seed, cuttings, layering, and grafting. Manages production facilities and schedules.

What is a production superintendent's job?

oversees all of the nursery's production phases, from planting to shipping. Makes operations decisions.

What is a division manager's job?

manages production in one of the major divisions of a large wholesale grower operation.

What is a crew supervisor's job?

one of the skilled managers and trainers directing others in various nursery production operations.

What is a pest management specialist's job?

responsibilities include prevention and control of destructive insects, diseases, and weeds.

What is an inventory controller's job?

manages nursery inventory and quality control by selecting stock according to buyer specifications and industry standards.

What is a shipping manager's job?

supervises order assembly, packing and shipping schedules.

What is a landscape Designer/Architect's job?

prepares landscape designs and specifications through a nursery or an independent design firm.

What is a landscape supervisor's job?

manages and trains landscape installation crews.

What is a landscape superintendent's job?

coordinates all of the nursery's landscape installation.

What is a landscape manager's job?

supervises all phases of day-to-day plant care in the landscape contractor business.

What is an arborist's job?

responsibilities focus on protecting and maintaining landscape trees.

What is a business specialist's job?

successful nurseries need such professionals in a variety of fields: management, marketing, advertising, sales, direct mail, finance, personnel, customer service, etc.

What is one of the components of a CDE contest?


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