60 terms

Southwest Asia

a riverbed that remains dry except during the rainy seasons
a spot of fertile land in a desert, fed by water from wells or underground springs
salt flat
flat land made of chemical salts that remain after winds evaporate the moisture in the soil
drip irrigation
the practice of using small pipes that slowly drip water just above ground to conserve water to use for crops
crude oil
petroleum that has not been processed
the removal of salt (especially from sea water)
a place where crude oil is converted into useful products
fossil water
water pumped from underground aquifers
(Islam) a Muslim place of worship
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
a form of government in which religous leaders control the government
the Arab prophet who founded Islam (570-632)
Western Wall
what remains of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem (the foundation)
Dome of the Rock
from here Muhammad ascended into heaven
a policy for establishing and developing a national homeland for Jews in Palestine
Palestine Liberation Organization
A minority group in Turkey and neighboring countries
known as land between rivers
strategic commodity
a resource so important that nations will go to war to ensure its steady supply
Human resources
Resources found in people such as their skills or ideas
Arab nomads
A series of holy wars from 1096-1270 AD undertaken by European Christians to free the Holy Land from Muslim rule.
Guest Workers
Workers who migrate to the more developed countries in search of higher-paying jobs.
What city is home of 3 monotheistic religions?
What religions can trace their roots back to Abraham?
What is the lowest place on earth?
Dead Sea
Saddham Hussein
Former political leader in Iraq
What year did the USA and 30 other countries go to war against Iraq for invading Kuwait?
What 2 countries colonized SW Asia?
Britain and France
Weapons of Mass destruction
Sunni and Shia
political and religious divisions within Islam
Sunni: followers of the Umayyad
Shia: followers of Ali
Sahara Desert
the world's largest desert (3,500,000 square miles) in northern Africa
What is the highest point in Africa?
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Nile River
the world's longest river (4180 miles)
The Sahel
grasslands used for grazing south of the Sahara
..., acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
..., the gradual transformation of habitable land into desert
Mt. Kenya
..., second highest peak in Africa; located in Kenya
..., a natural depression in the surface of the land often with a lake at the bottom of it
Rift Valley
..., a valley with steep sides
..., a steep artificial slope in front of a fortification
Serengeti Plain
in the northern Tanzani. dry climate and hard soil prevent the growth of trees but perfect for growing grass.
a fertile tract in a desert (where the water table approaches the surface)
Masai People
Who are the people in Africa who are nomadic herders who herd cattle?
Open-air markets
Aswan High dam
one of the world's largest dams on the Nile River in southern Egypt
Lake Nasser
lake in Egypt formed by dams built on the Nile River at Aswan, a region that makes up the southern edge of the Sahara, where sparse and unpredictable rainfall results in severe droughts
Nelson Mandela
South African statesman who was released from prison to become the nation's first democratically elected president in 1994 (born in 1918)
an epidemic that is geographically widespread
mud or clay or small rocks deposited by a river or lake
Bantu Migration
the movement of the bantu peoples southward throghout africa, spreading their language and culture, from around 500 b.c. to around A.D 1000
African Natural Resources
Gold, diamonds, cobalt, iron ore
Berlin Conference
A meeting from 1884-1885 at which representatives of European nations agreed on rules colonization of Africa
What religion dominates North Africa?
Goree Island
departure point for slaves during slave trade
type of music developed in Algeria
Fang Art
carved wooden boxes and masks produced by Fang people
Olduvai Gorge
a gorge in northeastern Tanzania where anthropologists have found some of the earliest human remains
west african ethnic group.
North African cultural group