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St. Joseph's Academy, Freshman Civics honors


belief in the right to vote


people who want to get the right to vote


woman who fight for the right to vote

19th Amendment

Guarenteed women the right to vote

Supreme Court Decision (Guinn VS United States)

Ended the grandfather clause

15th Amendment

made it a Federal crime to deny any citizen the right to vote because of race, color, or enslavement

Indian Citizenship Act

Gives Native Americasn citizenship to register to vote while registering their cars

26th Amendment

Lowers the voting age to 18

Federal Motor Voter Law

Enables citizens to register to vote while registering their cars

Help America Vote Act 2002

Requires states to update their registration and voting systems

24th Amendment

Bans the poll tax

23rd Amendment

Gives the District of Columbia 3 electors for presidential elections

Voting Rights Act 1965

Ends the literacy test requirement to register to vote

Voting Rights Act 1965, 1970, 1975, 1982

Collection of laws to end racial discrimination, including registration drive in districts that have less than 50% of registered African Americans

American men

Before 1920, what was the term "US citizen" understood to mean?

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