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The amount of matter in an object


The amount of capacity or liquid occupied by an object


Mass/volumecand if something is more dense than water than it will sink


A measure of the force of gravity on an object


A unit used to measure mass


A unit for volume


Metric unit of length measurement

Cubic Centimeters

A unit to measure volume


A unit to measure weight

Triple Beam Balance

A tool used to measure mass

Graduated Cylinder

A tool used to measure liquid volume or for the Displacement method

Displacement Method

An irregular shaped object will be placed in a graduated cylinder to measure the volume of that object


The bottom of the disc in a graduated cylinder when water is inside

What tool is used to measure mass

Triple Beam Balance

What tool is used to measure length

meter stick

What tool is used to measure volume

Metric Ruler

What tool is used to measure weight

Spring Scale


A liquid's resistance to flow

What unit is used to measure mass


What unit is used to measure volume

Cubic Centimeters (cm3) or for liquid a Graduated Cylinder

What unit is used to measure density

You can do Mass/Volume

What unit is used to measure weight


How to find the volume of regular objects

Use a metric ruler and measure height, length, and width

How to find the volume of irregular objects

Use the displacement method or if its bigger than a graduated cylinder put the object in a beaker and the water that comes out pour into a graduated cylinder

How to find the volume of liquids

Use a graduated cylinder and pour inside

How to find the mass of a solid

Use a triple beam balance ot electric scale

How to find the mass of a liquid

Put liquid into a graduated cylinder and measure with an electronic scale than subtract the graduated cylinder's mass

List the units for measuring from smallest to largest

millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, meter, dekameter, hectometer, and kilometer

Compare mass and weight

Mass is the amount of matter you have or an object has and never changes unless you cut off or add. Weight depends on the gravitational pull of where you are.

What is the formula for density

Mass divided by Weight M/V
Think if a heart

Calculate desity given mass and volume
Mass= 9 grams Volume = 9 cm3

9/9=3 g/cm3

Explain how to find the density of any object

Divide mass by weight

What is the density of water

1 g/mL

Why does an object float or sink. Relate to density.

If the object is denser than water it will than sink because it has more molecules packed into it. It will float if it is less dense than water because less molecules are packed into the object.

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