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an Access database object that allows you to arrange the fields of a record in any layout and which is used to enter, edit, and delete records


an Access object that provides an easy-to-use data entry screen


A calculated expression is most often placed in which report section?

group footer

a category of information in a table, such as a customer's name, city, or state


a collection of records for a single subject, such as all the customer records


a combination of field names, operator, and functions that result in a single value before and after the group of records


controls placed here print once for every record in the underlying record source

detail selection

controls placed here print only once at the end of the printout

form footer section

created by entering an expression into a text box

calculated control

creates a datasheet of selected fields and records from one or more tables


creates a temporary subset of records


criterion that finds all records where no entry has been made in the field

Is Null

determines where a control appears on the report and how often it prints


enhancing the appearance of information displayed in the report


Every element on a form is called a(n)


a group of related fields for one item, such as all the demographic information for one customer


limiting conditions used to narrow the number of records that appear in a datasheet


the lower pane in Query Design View

Query Grid

The most common bound control is the

text box

The most common unbound control is the


The object that contains all of the database data is the:


The object that creates a professional printout of data that includes headers, footers, and graphics is the:


prints once for every record

detail section

putting records in ascending or descending order based on the values of a field


A query is sometimes called a "logical view" of data because:

queries do not store data, they only display a view of the data

The rules by which criteria need to be entered in the query grid are referred to as:


rules that determine how criteria is entered


seven types of these are contained in an Access database and are used to enter, enhance, and use the data within the database


a small pencil icon that appears in the record selector box

edit record symbol

sorting records plus providing a section


a spreadsheet-like grid that displays fields such as columns and records as rows


SQL stands for which of the following?

Structured Query Language

To align the edges of several controls with respect to one another, you use the alignment commands on the:

arrange tab

used on a form to display data from a field

bound control

used to identify which fields and records are passed to the report

record source property

used to search for a pattern


the way the focus moves from one bound control to the next in Form View

tab order

What can you use to quickly create a new database?


when you enter a calculation in a text box, the first character is a(n):

equal sign

Which of the following cannot be changed in Print Preview?

font size

Which of the following describes OR criteria?

using two or more rows of the query grid to select only those records that meet given criteria

Which of the following is not an advantage of managing data with relational databse software such as Access versus spreadsheet software such as Excel?

uses a single table to store all data

Which of the following is not true about a query?

a query is the same thing as a filter

which of the following is probably not a graphic image?


Which of the following would be the appropriate expression to count the number of records using the FirstName field?


Which property helps you bind a text box to a field?

control source

Which type of control is most commonly placed in the detail section?

text box

Which type of control is most commonly placed in the Page Header section?


which view cannot be used to view data?


You press and hokd which key to select more than one control in Report Design View?


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