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  1. Holy book for Christians. Separated into two big parts: Old testaments, and New testaments. Historical reference of Jesus.
  2. Diety- God (Allah). Founder- Muhammed Ali Jinnah. Founded in 570 C.E. Islam means submission to the will of Allah. Worlds fastes growing major religion. Happened in Mecca.
  3. Muhammed dictated the Qur'an (did not originate from him). Holy book of Islam. Was founded in 610 A.D. Was from Saudi Arabia.
  4. Founder of Pakistan. Born in 1876 and died in 1948.

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  1. Shah JahanA "Skin Color" was a distinguished feature of the caste system. Major groups came to be known as the Varnas. Was created by the Aryans arrival. Before the 15th century A.D. In northwest India.


  2. Siddhartha GuatamaAlso known as Buddha after 49 days of meditation under a tree. Born in 563 and died in 483 b.c. Born into a noble family. Wandered through the forest for 6 years in search for enlightenment.


  3. VarnasBefore 2000 B.C. Sacred Literature for Hinduism, collectors of prayers, magical spells, and instruction for preforming rituals.


  4. Buagavad GitaIs one part of the Mahabharata. It is an eternal message of spiritual wisdom from ancient India.