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Cultural Literacy

American History
In which famous document do the words "all men are created equally" appear?
Declaration of Independence.
Which famous event in American History occurred at Appomattox Court House, Virginia in 1865?
End of Civil War.
In which American document would you find the "Bill of Rights"?
United States Constitution.
Which war is the Boston Tea Party associated with?
American Revolution.
Who was Jefferson Davis?
President of the Confederate States.
What is unusual about the "Liberty Bell"?
It has a crack in it.
Where was Davy Crockett Killed?
Alamo, Texas.
Frederick Douglas was a famous abolitionist. What is an abolitionist?
One who favors ending slavery.
What was the effect of the "Emancipation Proclamation"?
Abraham Lincoln will free the slaves.
In American History who was known as "The Father of his Country"?
George Washington.
Where would one find the phrase "fourscore and seven years ago"?
Gettysburg Address.
Why is the fourth of July a holiday in the United States?
It was the country's birthday.
What was the single most important battle of the Civil War.
Approximately when was gold discovered in California in the 1800's?
Complete this quote: Give me Liberty or.......
Give me Death.
Why is Jamestown, Virginia famous?
First English town in America.
In the Lewis and Clark Expedition, what did Lewis and Clark Explore?
Lousiana Purchase.
Which American President was known as "Old Hickory"?
Andrew Jackson.
What was the Mayflower?
The boat that the Pilgrims used.
What is Plymouth Rock?
Where the Pilgrims landed.
Which American religious group is associated with Salt Lake City, Utah?
Who saved John Smith's Life?
Who was Paul Revere?
He warned the American that the "British are Coming".
What kind of events took place in Salem, Massachusetts, in the late 1600's?
What exactly was the "shot heard around the world"?
The first shot of the American Revolutionary War.
What was the "Underground Railroad"?
It was an escapes route for the slaves.
In which American war was part of Washington D.C. burned?
War of 1812.
Which brave American schoolteacher/spy said "I only regret that i have but one life to give for my country"?
Nathan Hale.
Why is October 12, 1942, an important date in American History?
Columbus Day.
P.T. Barnum was famous for which kind of popular 19th century entertainment?
What was William Cody's nickname?
Buffalo Bill.
What is the other more popular name for the Battle of Little Bighorn?
Custer's Last Stand.